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“What Lies Beneath…?”

This post is inspired directly by a photo taken and shared by one of my favorite bloggers here at WordPress, ElusiveTrope.  I was so captivated by the image, I knew something must be written to honor it.  I do not claim to do it justice, but it’s a start; perhaps some of you can do a better job.  Please share if you are inspired, as I was, to write something about it… 🙂

I hope this link will take you to the picture, but I can’t be sure, since technology and I have a barely civil relationship…  Fingers crossed…

That Door Beneath the Porch


They say the eyes are the window of the soul

projecting and reflecting

within and without

the givers and receivers of Light…


But the eyes only show what we want seen

being open or closed, curtained or transparent

prisms of leaded glass rainbows

or crystal mirrors of consciousness,

they only reveal our habitual living space…


But what lies beneath those most common places?

Hidden behind closed doors?

What mysteries are not revealed?

In the innermost sanctum of my soul?


For within me are dark niches that have never seen the light of day…

and frightful impulses I dare not say…

fantasies of magick and myth

and grandiose dreams I’d be ashamed to admit

and secrets even I have not unveiled…


And who is to say which is the “real-est” me?

And which is the deceit?

For the window only shows what’s visible

while the door hides what’s beneath…




6 thoughts on ““What Lies Beneath…?”

  1. you have done the photograph more than justice…creating for it a layer of the psyche realm through which to see the image.

    “and secrets even I have not unveiled” says so splendidly what i feel is so true about the subconscious realm…(I tend to lean towards the notions of Jung on these matters)…it is a realm, even though a part of who we are, to which we do not have direct access, our conscious mind can’t be a force of will make these “secrets” (in all their forms of fantasies and notions) rise into the conscious and thus making them “known”. They can seep up. bubble up into our dreams and through our artistic efforts, and sometimes they reveal their presence in our day to day actions if we are looking with the right climate of mind around the eye.

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