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“The Circle of Life…”

The following is a re-posting of something I put on Facebook last year for Mother’s Day.  It was one of those long posts that would eventually lead me to blogging as a more appropriate format for such content.  It only seems fitting, then, that I should share it here now, with all of my WordPress friends…

At the time I wrote this for my daughter, she only had one child, and Aurora (my granddaughter) was still just a visitor in my dreams…  It makes me happy to post it again, knowing both my grandchildren are now present and accounted for, and my daughter grows ever more amazing as a mother in her own right…

** I apologize for the font changes and formatting errors.  I imported this file and cannot, for the life of me, figure out how to fix it!  Ahh… technology, you obstinate but necessary imp…**


The Circle of Life

In every girl child born upon the Earth, there exists a seed of what she one day may become…

As that girl matures, becomes a woman, a new seed grows within her: pure potential, undefined, a breath waiting to exhale…

And should she be blessed with child, by birth, adoption or fostering, she gains an opportunity to plant that seed upon the Earth…

And so the Circle of Life rolls on…

So what is motherhood all about?
Is is nurturing, protecting, teaching and strengthening?
Is it support in times of sorrow, and times of triumph, too?
Is it seeing the potential in each of us, and loving us for what we actually do?
Is it seeing us as we really are, and loving us still, sometimes even in spite of what we’ve done?
A mother loves the best and worst of us alike…

And so the Circle of Life rolls on…

Throughout my life I heard the words of others, expressing their opinions about how I never knew the one who gave me life.
I heard their sympathy, their empathy, even their pity sometimes…
How hard it must have been for me to grow up never knowing what it’s like to have a mother of my own.
How hard it must have been to raise a daughter, without the example, and the strength, of one who nurtured me.

I understood those words, and the sentiments they expressed; I even owned them and repeated them myself.
I excused my many motherly mistakes upon those very facts, believing I’d done the best I could with what I’d been given at the start.
And I began to feel compassion for the one who’d let me go…
For if she could not nurture me the way I certainly deserved, then wasn’t letting go the kindest and most loving act she could, as a mother, do?

And when I look upon my own daughter, grown now, and a mother, too,
I wonder how much I really lacked?
For she is strong, and beautiful, nurturing and compassionate, and sure of her sense of self.
And I cannot help but be impressed by the mother she has become…

And so the Circle of Life rolls on…

Though I do not always agree with everything my daughter does,
I nonetheless respect her, and do my best to honor those choices she makes for herself and her son, regardless of what I myself might have chosen or done.

Yes, every mother one day faces that very moment, too, when letting go is the kindest and most loving act of all.
For no child can fully grow while still attached; each must seek a life out on their own.

So sacrifice must also be one of the great motherly attributes, regardless of how often, or how early, such a wrenching must occur.

So the Circle of Life can roll on…

And, if I am honest, I must admit that I was never truly alone.
My Mother existed always within me, and around me, everywhere I looked…
In green and growing things…
In creatures of feather and fur…
In claws and talons, tusks and fins…
In smiles, and sunshine, and purrs.
In rivers and lakes and streams…
In rocks and sand and dirt.
For the same Mother who sustains me now, sustains all Life on Earth.
All life depends on Her today, as it did before my birth.

And so the Circle of Life rolls on…

Then what,pray tell, is motherhood all about,
If not the Circle of Life itself?
We are born of seed.
We grow.
We flower, blossom, and bear fruit.
We nurture that life, whether it be fostered or birthed.
We plant seeds within that will one day mature and bear fruit of their own.
And we let go, standing back to observe, but not interfere too much, as our children seek their own fertile soil.

And the Circle of Life rolls on…
Ever changing, like the seasons,
yet always the same at its core.

Regardless of race, religion, cultural identity or sexual orientation,
Motherhood remains a sacred trust.
So take your cues from the Life that surrounds us,
And imagine yourself as a tree.
With roots dug deep into the Earth,
With trunks strong and supple, however thick or slender they may be,
And branches reaching high to touch the sky,
Supporting the winged and climbing beings,
And sheltering the grounded ones…

So the Circle of Life may roll on.


Happy Mother’s Day!


6 thoughts on ““The Circle of Life…”

  1. Ah, motherhood… with or without “guidance” it always is “on the job training.” A great effort in attempting to explain what must ultimately remain a mystery without explanation. As you say, “so the circle of life may go on” – to whatever end. Happy mother’s day, Grand mother!

    Liked by 1 person

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