“A Moment…”

I found this today on Facebook, reminding me I posted it a year ago today.  It was odd, because I don’t really remember it.  Still, having been in an unpleasant place these last few days, and seeing my motivation to create evaporate, it seemed like a “gift” from the Universe – a reminder that there is still creativity within me, however suppressed it might be in this moment…  

So I’m sharing this moment of rediscovery with all of you… 🙂

Sitting here in the dark, listening to music and the rain, cuddling with my cat, feeling deeply grateful that my roommate is home safe and well, and that my grandson is feeling better…


Pondering the sheer perfection of this moment, knowing I am alive and surrounded by so much that is magical, mysterious, and moving…


And these words snuck up on me, without warning.  They felt significant, though, enough so that I thought I should share…


If you feel like reading them all, of course… lol


In the Darkness, I sense a Light…

It shines without blinding,

Reveals without harshness,

Guides without demanding…


In the Light, I seek the Fire…

That warms without burning,

Comforts without suffocating,

Spreads without overwhelming…


In the Fire, I discover a Heart…

And know that it loves without coercion

Gives without expectation,

Honors without judgment…


In the Rain, I hear a Voice…

Speaking gently of the light,

Speaking warmly of the fire,

Speaking softly from the heart…


“I love you…

“Now, and forever…

“Just be your Self…”


“Be the Light.”


19 thoughts on ““A Moment…”

  1. HI Lisa.
    This is another beautiful insight into your creativity.
    It may have been last year, but…wellllll, the part of you which gave rise to this will never go away. Sometimes it may be blocked by passing fogs, other times needs a rest, but Truth Be Known, Creativity never goes away. Let it flow, let it flow in its own time.
    Hoping the sunshine is peeking around the corner for you.
    Take care

    Liked by 1 person

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