Reflections, Unquotables

Unquotable Quotes #3

Humans are born with much more consciousness than is required for mere survival.  Such excess leads to both great triumph, and great trouble.  Who is to say which is the greater accomplishment?


2 thoughts on “Unquotable Quotes #3

  1. The mistake here is to believe that humans remain in survival mode, that they aren’t meant to “evolve” into something entirely new and untested. The mistake is looking at the past as if it had the answers to today’s growing dilemmas and unease. If there are any answers, they lie hidden in the puzzle box that came under the tree one long ago Christmas when you were children and that was never opened because “the parents” said its contents were evil. It’s time to take the box from that top shelf in the back room closet, dust it off, cut the faded ribbons and open it. It’s time to start assembling the pieces before you’re too old and blind to see how to do it.

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