Reflections, Unquotables

Unquotable Quotes #5

Does a bird ever feel gratitude for its ability to fly, or does it take it for granted, while the rest of the world watches in awe?  

Does the bird ever feel regret over sacrificing all other potential forms of being, so that it can possess the innate ability to fly?  

Was it worth it?


18 thoughts on “Unquotable Quotes #5

  1. Birds are freedom fighters. Free from their lives free from it all, thus flying all the time. As humans and us humans can never fly but our minds can fly just as the same as them.

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  2. I’s tackle that one with: how many aspects of being a human do most Earthians take for granted, neither awed now questioning?

    There were some birds that thought they’d rather be land lubbers: the dodo (extinct) and penguins, plus the road runner. There may be others who chose to walk rather than fly. Maybe they were trying to emulate humans? Now compare a penguin’s life to that of the great albatross who can fly for thousands of miles non-stop? Give me wings… or give me a really great set of legs!

    Some early birds left the land struggle amongst their dinosaur relatives and grew weird wings, so they must have thought flying was a better deal. Then there were the Wright brothers… and Superman. How does that go: whatever works? 🙂

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    • I see your point, Sha’Tara. Perhaps it is in the nature of all sentient beings to wonder about (or even occasionally envy) other beings. And yet there are lessons and rewards for each of our chosen paths…

      The funny thing is, this whole line of questioning came to me after watching my cat catch a bird who was temporarily on the ground. I’ve often commented about birds getting caught when they could so easily fly away to safety, but by leaving the


      • (Oops… not done yet!)

        … by leaving their “comfort zone” they take a risk. I suppose that’s true of all of us, though; we must leave our element to eat, grow, learn, change or even survive…

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