Reflections, Unquotables

Unquotable Quotes #6

The Light creates and defines The Shadow, while The Shadow keeps things hidden from The Light…

Which, do you suppose, is more “revealing” in the end?


Raspberry Bushes

Photo taken by me 5/26/2016


17 thoughts on “Unquotable Quotes #6

  1. A great question. At face value, they complement each other: can’t have one without the other. But is that correct? Does light on a flat surface create defining shadows? If not, is the surface then invisible? I’m imagining an open desert at high noon, or a placid expanse of ocean. The desert is there; the ocean is there. Duhhhh, I dunno Lisa. Good question.

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    • You raise some excellent questions yourself! I hadn’t considered the flat surface idea… Hmm… Something more to ponder. Lol!

      Thanks, Sha’Tara! You always manage to show me things in a new light, and I appreciate that… 🙂

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  2. This makes me think though. Even a totally flat surface – a field of snow under a clear, sunny sky; a flat expanse of desert… well, that snow, that desert, they’re make up of grains of ice and rock. Each grain casts a shadow… ergo, a balance or light and darkness. Then there’s the day and night cycle: light in the day, living in the shadow of the earth at night: balance again.

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  3. “They’re make up” – hahahahaha! Make that “made up” – but the idea that a snow field or a desert flat wears make up… oh, why not? 🙂 I just wouldn’t want to be the Avon Lady trying to make a living from selling “them” make up.

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  4. Hi Lisa.
    I’m going to be ‘Quantum’ geek here.
    Ahem….since Light can either be a wave or a particle, it is a factor prevalent…
    (Is everyone still awake out there?)
    Thus Light is the factor which defines Shadow, so Shadow is dependent on Light. Without Shadow
    (No, wait a minute….no Light all Shadow, like Dark)…..
    So, Lisa…..
    Good point!….
    Obviously there’s more to Creation than Quantum

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  5. My thought is that in order for there to be light and shadow, there needs to be an object there to create the shadow from the light. So if there is no object, can there be a shadow? I envisioned, in order to reveal what is in the shadow, the light needs to “chase” it in order to reveal what it is hiding. But there is always something in the way. You and I touched on this the other day about the yin/yang symbol…you opened my awareness that in each light and dark, there is a bit of the other within them. Light reveals the shadow, but not what is in the shadow, it seems elusive…something I will be contemplating…thanks for opening my mind once again ❤

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