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Photo taken by me, May 2016

I have a question strolling through my mind, so I thought I might follow it to see where it leads.  It involves yet another level of why…?

In this case, I wonder why we choose to incarnate into this physical world at all?

It is my personal belief that in the All-ness from which we are born, we are One.  There is no separation, nor any boundaries between us.  There is no true conflict, for there is no true Other to conflict with.  There are no levels of Knowing or degrees of Wisdom, for what One knows is instantly known by All…

Which means that those very “things” we seek in spiritual practice here are readily available, and abundant, there.  Peace, freedom, wisdom, lack of fear, power…  All I want is available to me.  So… Why choose to come here at all?

Some might argue (myself included) that we come here to “learn” something.  But really, what might we need to learn when All knowledge and wisdom exists within us already?  Those wise souls here most deeply influencing my journey at this time speak of learning Love and Compassion.  But since my belief is that the One is Love, and that Compassion is a natural consequence of being love, how does that influence my choice to Be.  Here.  Now…?

Here, in our mortal bodies, we learn about limitations, and suffering, about failure and loss.  Simply by being born, all those conditions manifest.  And while we are here, we focus on boundaries – creating, defending and expanding them…

First we focus on the boundary of our own bodies, learning to distinguish between “you” and “me.”  That naturally leads to conflict as we learn to protect ourselves from others when necessary, while melding with others when desired…

Then we expand our boundaries outward, learning to discriminate between what’s “yours” and what’s “mine.”  That, of course, leads to more brutal conflict, as we actually defend and offend others in the race to accumulate resources…

Eventually, those boundaries expand far enough to become “territories,” requiring even greater, and more viscious efforts to defend…  And we begin, in the wiser places of our souls, to seek peace, comfort, and mercy once more.

Until, finally, exhausted and beaten by the vagaries of living, we “give up” the fight, choosing to “die” again.  Only to discover (according to me) that there is no separation between us, and therefore, nothing to fight about in the first place…

Why would I choose such an experience for myself.  Not just once, but many, many times?  Clearly, my soul (my little piece of the Abundant Source) is seeking something of value in this endless, exhausting, demoralizing, and seemingly fruitless cycle!  But what?!

If I look to Nature, I see a similar theme being played out.  Beings are born, struggle to survive, and then die.  Sometimes they die because their natural lives have run their courses, and old age has claimed them; unable to provide for themselves, they weaken and die.  More often, though, their deaths serve some other life form’s desire (read “need”) to survive, either by becoming food, being “entertainment” (some species hunt and kill for sport), or simply to vacate another’s space.  All of nature serves others through their life and survival, or through their death and decomposition.  Except perhaps man, who struggles to serve any but himself…

Even in living, one species may serve another, each requiring the other to survive.  We have a name for such a relationship: symbiosis.  Each species, in serving its own needs, also serves another species in some way.  Not consciously.  Not with intent.  But because what one has, the other needs, and vice versa.  Bees are a good example of this.  As are trees…

Could it be that simple, then?  Could it be that what we come here to “learn” about are the very things not available to know where we are One: pain, suffering, separation, need, desire, etc., and the emotional experiences derived from them, and from overcoming them?  For without these experiences, we would never know what it is to feel vulnerable, weak or dependent upon others, nor would we know betrayal, gratitude or joy (among other things)…

Perhaps that is why we are born helpless, completely dependent upon others for our survival.  Until we grow enough to care for ourselves, and eventually to care for others (of our own species or another).  And then, likely, become helpless once more, as death approaches, allowing us to reap the “rewards” of the seeds we have sown…


In any event, our lives here on Earth seem to be about need, desire, obstacles and triumphs, all of which require others to be involved.  We cannot do this living thing alone!  Even if we believe that we create our own realities, define our own circumstances, there is the conflict between that personal “reality” and the shared “consensus reality” which always seems to take precedence…

Bottom line?  I think we need each other, like it or not.  I think we are vulnerable while living in mortal form.  I think trust, faith, hope and relief are what we seek, while often experiencing their opposites.  I think all of mortal living is about symbiosis…

But that’s just what I think today.  Tomorrow it could all change.  Again…


Photo also taken by me, May 2016



29 thoughts on “Symbiosis…

  1. I remember reading Neale walsh, the author of “Conversations with God”. This reminds me of his life, that we are to remember what we can through life and when we die. It is only a cycle in which to remember the personal mission why we are re-incarnated, a physical do over of what needed to be done from the previous one.

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  2. Ah, what an interesting post – I love it. I’m going for a long walk through it. Up hill and down hill. I’m going to juxtapose my own beliefs/thoughts to yours and let’s see what new canvas emerges.

    Quote: “It is my personal belief that in the All-ness from which we are born, we are One. There is no separation, nor any boundaries between us. There is no true conflict, for there is no true Other to conflict with. There are no levels of Knowing or degrees of Wisdom, for what One knows is instantly known by All…”

    What if that is not the case? If I read it correctly, there is no “I” in your All-ness, hence no “individual” could be born from it. If your All-ness existed, nothing could “know” it does and nothing could “escape” it. Birth implies conflict, a break from the whole, and a new, individual and independent life form heading out into an unformed unknown. The All-ness makes that impossible without destroying itself.

    Why do people insist on an All-ness, often translating as monotheism, a one all-everything god? Because Earthian minds cannot conceive of something non-beginning or non-ending except in circular terms. So is born the myth of eternity in time. Earthian minds are enslaved to time. Take away time and eternity disappears. You’re left with infinity, and that’s a whole different bag of cats. Or so the Teachers tried to explain to me.

    What if there is no ‘One’ – just infinity of whatever we can imagine. An infinity of anything where “nothing is impossible” and there are no rules, no design, no plan, just ever and ever going out where no mind has gone before, making it up as we go along ***unless or until “something” stops us; interferes with our freedom of movement.

    Where there is no time, a billion years is no different than five seconds. Our awareness becomes warped and skewed as we encounter time. At first we cannot comprehend that time is an artificial and imposed construct upon this aspect of life; that time is a tool used by powerful controllers who preceded us “here” in this universal time prison. This universe is a cleverly designed trap for sentient minds, and it’s a very convincing trap.

    Once we’re caught in the web of time our ability to reason becomes completely warped. In time we become enslaved to the death concept. Beginning and ending. We encounter pain, suffering, loss, as well as love and hate; ego and helplessness. We come face to face with all kinds of unnatural corruption of life. When we institute “solutions” to problems we discover we only create more problems; often worse problems. We struggle to stay alive in a condition where we are not actually alive, just existing in a mind prison.

    Why are we here? There is no specific reason. We’re passing through this universe. Being here, we’re experiencing it as we pass through, and our passage may take millions of individual “life-times” because it’s a big place and we’re in no actual hurry since we are infinite and timeless. It’s only when we incarnate in these small physical cocoons that we sense our disturbing limitations and we begin to thirst for our freedom.

    Quote: “we come here to “learn” something. But really, what might we need to learn when All knowledge and wisdom exists within us already?”

    Another assumption which brings me back to the first comment: even if these things “existed” in the “One” they could not be known – there would be no separate one to know them. Tennis requires two people, a net between them, and two weapons to shoot a projectile at each other, and the aim is to beat the opponent. Conflict. Put just one person on a court, no racquet, no ball, no net, and nothing moves. You don’t experience “tennis” without movement. In your “One” there is no movement because any movement would create conflict. The other thing to consider when we are dealing with energy and motion is entropy. If your “One” allowed any sort of movement (escape) it would immediately begin to suffer loss and from that, entropy, and it would be committing suicide.

    Perhaps that is not how it works, then?

    Quote: “I think all of mortal living is about symbiosis…”

    Symbiosis means positive interdependence; that each gives to the other so both can live in harmony. But in actual observation, I see more of the saprophytic, of the predator in this universe. If symbiosis worked, nothing would suffer, nothing would get diseased, nothing would get used up or depleted, nothing would die. But we are faced with an enormous enigma here: suffering, pain, loss, death. Our works constantly deteriorate around us, or others take them, or destroy them. Nothing is safe or secure. As you say, the bigger our boundaries, the more costly it is to protect them. So we make deals with “mobsters” for protection from other gangs. We call them government, police, militaries – but they are nothing but enforcers and we are enslaved to their power. Symbiosis doesn’t work where survival rules. We fall into the Darwinist horror (and error) of the survival of the fittest.

    Once we realize the trap; the circular argument we’re involved in, we seek a way out. Now comes another set of lies to convince us we can escape: salvation through ritualistic performances. Religion. Or any number of “ism’s” to use as a passport out of the madness. Only there is no escape that way. Our passport can only take us to some other place within the time trap: within eternity. You escape a gulag in Russia and find yourself in a North Korean prison camp.

    So what to do to escape so we may continue our creative journey? We have a pair of options that work together. The first option is the develop self-empowerment and detachment. That violates your conclusions about being here for each other, or that we cannot do this living thing alone: yes, we can, and yes, we must, or we’re going to be “here” for a very, very, long time. “I” don’t “need” anyone else. “I” don’t need to be emotionally connected to anyone else. That’s my first option in escaping this time-Matrix trap. The second is the one that proves I am living the first, and that is, to interact with all “other strangers” compassionately. Not symbiotically, not lovingly, or in any other “special” way – but compassionately which can only be done with total detachment. Anyone claiming to be compassionate and still attached in some way to relationships, or to results, is deluding her/himself utterly.

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    • Thanks, Sha’Tara for this very insightful comment. I see your points. I see your logic. It makes sense. And yet, I don’t feel that way. I believe it is possible to be a part of the whole, and the Whole, at the same time, simultaneously and without contradiction. But that’s my bias and I own it…

      I do agree that time is a trap, as you say, and that we are easily misdirected and enslaved by others. And I have heard before, many times, that we have no true purpose here but to be. But my soul longs for a greater purpose, and so I continue to search…

      Perhaps someday I will arrive at your point of view. Until then, I will have to respectfully agree to disagree…

      But I admit that I do love hearing your point of view. You always, always, open my eyes to possibilities I had not considered because of my own preconceptions. I sincerely thank you for that… 🙂

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  3. Wonderful essay Lisa. Some interesting and provocative speculations on our ‘place’ and ‘reason’ in Creation.
    Because of that scientific part of my perception, I’m tending, not so much to why we chose, but more along the lines of ‘it’s our part in the pattern of Creation to be here’.
    This becomes a starting point, we will probably never know the full answer, but in our journey we contribute to Creation (as long as we don’t screw-up and serve just as an example to others on not how to do it).
    Anyways I love the mystery of it all.
    And what, if from a Cosmological/Quantum perspective(s), we are all right and Creation/Existence is so all encompassing it can contain all views in harmony?
    Now there’s a thought.
    Take care

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    • I love that thought, Roger! I believe it is true, as well, although sometimes it requires some “mental gymnastics” to apply. Lol! Thank goodness I never tried to convince myself I had to always be “right”; way too much pressure that… 🙂

      We live, we learn, we grow, we change. And hopefully we love along the way. That is my wish for each of us today… 🙂

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    • Quote: “what, if from a Cosmological/Quantum perspective(s), we are all right and Creation/Existence is so all encompassing it can contain all views in harmony?
      Now there’s a thought.”

      When I throw my query net as far out into the macro as I can, that is the thought that gets trapped and pulled back. We exist “here” and “out there” at the same time. Here we experience, out there we observe. Because “out there” is in the timeless, and is limitless, we can observe what was, what is, what will be.

      Caveat: while the cosmos does contain it all and from that assume it’s all in harmony, it isn’t. You reap what you sow is an inescapable cosmic truism. Creating harmony: that’s left up to us, and I know how Earthians fear or mock such responsibility. When we pull (our observations) in, we should find enough enlightenment to enable us to make personal changes corresponding to what we deduced would need doing “here” to change what we observed “out there” – sort of like the theory that the flutter of a butterfly’s wing on one side of the planet causes a tsunami on the other side. Intelligence, sentience and self-awareness carries a huge responsibility – one that individual Earthians have yet to accept.

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  4. Thought provoking essay. I tend to think much like your conclusion; we need each other. We breathe air, digesting the oxygen while expelling carbon dioxide which the plants and flowers breathe and turn into oxygen. It is the circle of life. I believe we all need one another. People, plants, and beasts. But that is my crazy way of thinking. Hope you are well.

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  5. I love your thinking Lisa and your ability to vocalise it so eloquently. I agree we are humble in our existence on this planet as we are in fact a part of nature nor separate from it as the power hungry would like us to be. If so remove one cog from the watches mechanism it no longer works, so it is with life. There are many of us myself included that live a solitary life, not always through choice but what becomes clearer than the sun is that without a support system we have little to no chance of survival. We all rely on others in some way or another, just like the bee needs pollen and the flower the sun. ❤

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  6. I also agree that we need each other, our interdependence part of existence which is always with us, even when we go through times of being mostly solitary. Very interesting essay with quite stimulating responses!

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  7. I can’t answer your question on behalf of all. For one, I think I have a tendency to seek trouble when there’s none. But also I think the joy of creating is a reason for existence too –not necessarily human existence. In any case, we surely start high and fall lower, and not the other way around.

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    • That actually makes a lot of sense to me, Spyros. The joy of creating – yes, definitely! And also that we start high and fall lower. Experientially, anyway, that certainly seems to fit…

      Thanks for jumping in to the discussion! I have a great deal of respect for your point of view, and am a fan of your blog and its honesty. 🙂

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      • Geez, if I’m to get respect, I should better clean it up bit, use proper grammar and exhibit my non extant diplomas 😛 But thanks 🙂 I like yours too.

        Yes, I think real progress is backwards. But without dividing myself into individual pieces I couldn’t experience all that stuff, right?

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