“The Message…”

All around me is pain and suffering

all within me is empathy and sorrow

I ache…

For the world at large…

And for myself…

And my inability to get involved.

I see people all around me, throwing down their gauntlets

while others eagerly pick them up.

I hear statements like “I can’t keep silent anymore,”

and “it’s time for me to speak up.”

But now is not my time to speak,

or so I have been told;

rather I must watch and witness

while reality unfolds.

I have already been tested, and tried

and chosen my side,

and now is time for others to face their own struggles,

to do what they are compelled to try.

People accuse me of being cowardly,


callous and indifferent,

but none of that is true.

I hurt with the world…

I boil with rage…

I bleed with the dying…

And mourn with survivors…

But I have found my truth, and

I know what I must do:

I must hold the course,

keep steady and steadfast on my path,

no matter what chaos ensues.

And I must remain detached,

no matter how difficult that proves.

For there are countless others now,

facing this crucible,

and it is their right and their time to choose,

without my influence…

So if this message resonates with you,

please take it to heart,

for it is as much as I am now “permitted” to do…

And if it does not, please disregard,

and carry on with what you know you must do.

But know that you are not alone,

whichever path you walk today.

And know, also, at this time,

that Silence does not always equate with apathy…




11 thoughts on ““The Message…”

  1. In life we are to pick sides, id rather you pick yourself and be steadfast all the way and dont back down. Keep bending but dont break apart; dont let them see you sweat.

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  2. Thanks you so much for that thought, Lisa. I NEEDED this reminder, particularly today. It reads as if one of the Teachers inspired you to put it down for me to read. It’s almost shocking in its stark truth. I can feel every word penetrate my mind and heart. HUGE HUG…

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  3. Oh yes, I like this!
    This can resonate at so many different levels to different people.
    There’s the powerful theme of whoever is out there suffering, they are no alone, You Lisa the Writer is with them.
    The idea of someone watching with compassion is always one which carries its own strength of purpose.
    Good work Lisa

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