Poetry, Reflections


This is an edited version.  I wrote this piece while eating breakfast, and thought it was done.  Then driving to work, while it ran through my head repeatedly, I discovered I’d missed a couple lines.  This, then (hopefully), is the completed version.  Sorry about any confusion…


I chafe against the reins,

the strong hands guiding me,

until my flesh is swollen and bloody

from my resistance.

My Spirit, wild and free,

insists it is untameable.

The beast within me struggles against

that force seeking to restrain me…


What force is this that fights against me?

Who dares to so contain me?

What being can ground a thing with wings,

and silence that voice of fire within

craving to consume things?

And yet it is being done…

A single rider holds the power…

Entangling and trapping me

upon this path of their own choosing…


I am guided to a quiet forest glade


To a small pond, where I am allowed to drink


And it is there, in the ripples I created

that I see the reflection of this One

who so dominates me…

And I am surprised to discover…

That rider is only human.

Lightweight, unarmored and vulnerable;

too weak to demand aught of me!

So who is she?


And suddenly…

I Know…

She is spirit in human form,

the human version of Me.


3 thoughts on ““Alignment…”

  1. Your profound insights into Human Struggle are always moving to read Lisa. This is a eloquent illustration of the struggle within that we all face.
    These are worth putting together as a collection, I think there is an audience who would resonate with your words.
    Best wishes

    Liked by 1 person

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