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“Unlimited Resources…?”

So…  Aside from internet issues, which are intermittent and defy even the expertise of the techs they have sent out and assigned to my case, I have been pondering something these last few days which I am now ready to share.  Perhaps gaining some insight from my writer/blogger friends will help me get my head around it…

I was taught long ago that resources are limited, both here on Earth and throughout the known universe.  (For our discussion we will count “resources” as energy, since all matter is composed of energy regardless of the form it takes.)  So, while energy reserves in the Universe are so vast as to be incomprehensible to a human mind, they are still finite.

Matter changes form, frequently, but the energy creating it remains constant, or so I have been led to believe.  And though theoretically possible to manipulate such energy to create whatever form/matter you desire (read magick, alchemy or science), you cannot, in fact, create energy.  At least that is what I have always believed…

Lately, however, I have been receiving “messages” which say something very different.  They tell me that resources are infinite, that the Universe wishes to support our desires, that there is no reason to compete, nor any reason to deny ourselves…  Could that be possible?

Aside from personal dream insights, and meditative revelations, I suddenly “discovered” a deck of question/answer cards a friend had given me (that I do not remember receiving, mind you) that teach this very lesson, by addressing common sense questions about the topic…

Then there was a post from my friend Sha’Tara that tells of a world without “predation”.  (See her post here, maybe: )

Then there was an article I read about 2 Russian scientists who had succeeded in transmuting matter from one form to another (aka alchemy), which supposed many of our world’s scarcity issues could be solved.  (Sorry, no link to that as it was 2:30am, and I only had internet for a few minutes.  To be honest, I don’t even know if the article was reputable, as I had no time to verify sources or look for corroborating info…)…

The point is, they all hint at a similar point: if there is no scarcity of resources, no competition, no need to deny oneself, then my entire understanding of the world I live in just went skewonky!

All my values, ethics and personal standards would naturally shift, if I could have what I wanted without “taking” it from someone else.  My work would naturally change if I didn’t have to “earn a living.”  And “generosity” would become what?  Just another means of transporting said resources from one being to another?

And how would the world (read society) change if there was no competition for resources?  Obviously wars would end, right?  Suffering?  And would we still gather together in groups if we did not need to gather and protect and share scarce resources?  Hmm…


I pass on the question I was tasked with answering, and which I have found surprisingly hard to do:

What would you do, right now, today, if you honestly believed the Universe was supporting you completely, and anything you truly want could be yours?

Think on that a while, my creative friends, and perhaps together we can create a very different looking world…


13 thoughts on ““Unlimited Resources…?”

  1. Id count the stars first then when i hit orions belt, then id start asking. Why? Actually milady, from your question the real answer from me is. Thankfullness and gratitude, coz if its open why not come in and bask it in for the glory not just for oneself but to those who matter in your life.

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  2. Hi Lisa.
    Good post and nice question…
    On with my scientific, theist, speculative hat.
    It’s a 14 billion light year sized universe and all its interactions were the reasons we are here now. So I guess the Universe is supporting me already, which considering the size of me in comparison to the size of the Universe is impressive.
    If by some process we’ve not yet discovered I found some of that power was channelled into me personally?
    After a few mischievous tinkerings (like making a particularly well known and pompous, self-opinionated, person’s wardrobe malfunction in public), I’d have to ‘get on the phone’ to God and ask ‘Err..excuse me, but what should I be doing with this?’
    PS: Love ‘skewonky’.
    All the best.

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    • Love this answer, Roger! You are an imp at times… lol!

      And if God told you to do “whatever you wanted” with it, how would you respond?

      P.S. “Skewonky” is one of my favorite words, but unsure how to spell it, I rarely use it in writing. I tried looking it up, but to no avail. Still, there was no other word that truly captured my thoughts at this time, so I took a chance… 😉

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      • Could I be a pixie do you think Lisa? I think a bluebell hat would suit me.

        My response…..’Oh bother. I know there’s more to it than that. Means I will have to go away and think it all out’.
        God’s reply ‘See. Imagine the trouble I had making up all of Creation…Now maybe you’ll stop complaining so much,”
        So I’d probably go all Skewonky….love that word!.

        Take care Lisa, keep those thought-provoking posts coming.

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