It’s Not What It Seems…

My last post generated some fascinating discussion, which I was sincerely enjoying.  Then I appeared to drop the ball and disappear from the world of blogging…

Truth is, my internet is so unreliable, and apparently unfixable, that I’ve had to rely on data on my phone to do anything online at all.  That combined with a series of unforeseen events, including a home invasion here, and I really haven’t had time to invest properly.  But I have not forgotten you!

I want you to know how much I appreciate your comments and support, so I’m posting this quick update…  Still no workable internet, but police reports have been filed, locks have been changed, birthdays have been celebrated, health crises have been discussed, councils have been met, work is coming back into a manageable chaos, and my schedule appears to be returning to its routine.  Therefore, I should be present back here at WordPress soon, as early as this evening, I hope.

And I will be addressing those comments then…  Thanks for your patience and continued support, as I “celebrate” my first anniversary here in the blogosphere!


8 thoughts on “It’s Not What It Seems…

  1. Hi Lisa.
    Sorry to read that you’ve been attacked by the Spawn of Skynet!
    I’m sure I speak for all when I write ‘Know How You Feel’.
    Don’t worry, here and waiting for you. You always have something interesting and provocative to add, so all waits are worth it.
    Take care.

    Liked by 1 person

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