Poetry, Reflections

“What Can I Say…?”


Self-portrait (with Dragon-Eye earrings)

Taken 8-16-2016


What can I say…?

How about this?:

Within, the rubble roils and churns,

the Fire rages and burns…

While on the surface, calm, serene,

where Water reigns supreme…

Silently smothering the Fire…

Secretly eroding the Foundations…

Seeding the Winds of Change

with the cast off of Chaos

that will fuel the Tempest of Time…

And the Voices of the many

shouting to be heard

each above the other

becoming senseless, wild gusts

that shape the landforms of our New World…

The Earth trembles…

In Fear…



Hanging in the Balance, as She does,

between what we say and feel,

and what we mean…

And Value.

And who am I?

But one strand of a hopelessly tangled web…

Seeking patterns in the broken whole,

in the gaps between the frayed lines

torn asunder by selfishness and greed

and helplessness…

Pity and sympathy aside

for we are reaping what we, ourselves, sowed…

Even me, who tried honestly not to harm an’Other

cannot escape the Destiny we have together made

And so I wait…

Silent, mostly.

Embracing the inevitable Change:

Shadows stalking darkest night,

preying upon the lost…


Restraining the Beast within,

yearning to be Free,

straining at the bit…

squirming uncomfortably…

for now is not his time.

Not yet!

For within Me, there are Two

Duality living

in tenuous Harmony…

One capable of unconscionable acts,

the Other incapable of Action at all.

Wrapped together in soft folds of Detachment

Feathered wings of angelic forces

enbracing me…

protecting me…

Hiding effectively the Chains that bind Me

preventing even subtle gestures from escaping

to influence the tides of what’s to come…

And in all these Words I’ve said today,

all 275 of them to date…

have I said enough?

Or have I said too much?


10 thoughts on ““What Can I Say…?”

    • Excellent, my friend! You have grasped what so many will fail to see… Your timing is profound as well, as I was just contemplating the wisdom of adding an author’s note to “explain” this piece’s “multi-dimensionality”…

      But such explanations can be misleading, both by inflating the author’s ego and by patronizing her reader, implying as they do that the author accomplished such complexity as they intended, and that the reader missed it…

      Ahh… what to do…? 🙂


  1. (This is a reply to lonelyauthor above. Apparently I hit a wrong button somewhere. Surprise, surprise… lol!)

    You’re right that I missed that post, what with my internet issues and all. I’ve missed a lot, apparently!

    Doesn’t sound like a “small” fall at all, Andrew! I am so sorry to hear this happened to you, and that the results are ongoing! You are one of the “good guys” in my opinion, and deserve better, easier times, especially after all you and Allie have been through already. I am sending my Love and hope for a quick recovery along with these words…

    As for not posting much, it is true. Between the many crises of July, and the vow of Silence I agreed to, I haven’t had much to say. But the pressure has been building as it so often does among us writers, until I imagined my friends here at WordPress flipping through their Readers, thinking WTF?? Whatever happened to that Otherhood chick? Lol!

    I simply can’t abide fading into complete obscurity, even if such imaginings are pure fantasy… 😉


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