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“Cracks in the Wall…”


Sitting here…

just staring

at the many, many cracks

in the wall before me…

Some are old

plastered over

but still visible

like scars upon my heart…

A poor repair job, perhaps?

Or simply too deep

and significant

to easily mask?

Memories remain

even if pain does not…

A haunting glimpse

of what once was…

But the new ones…

The new ones intrigue me more.

Newly formed.

Are they growing before my eager gaze?

Or am I deluding myself again?

Signposts and signifiers

of issues…

fissures in the foundation

marking pressures deep below.

Meandering along unevenly…

Strong and revealing


Then switching back

or wandering off

in a totally new direction…

Forks in the road…

Decision points.

Yet both paths progress from there.

A lesson I’m sure

In multi-dimensionality…

Sometimes I imagine, I’m high above it All…

Watching a river carve its course

through the bedrock that supports

and restricts its development.

Until I come back to my self

unveiling the Mystery

to discover once again

it’s only cracks in the wall

I see…



25 thoughts on ““Cracks in the Wall…”

      • Yeah, the Matrix wants you to doubt yourself and think of it as arrogance but it’s actually self empowerment. Trust in yourself first and foremost and you’ll know soon enough if you need to make adjustments. Trust in the philosophy of others and you’ll never really know, but just think you know. You’re climbing a sheer cliff face: that’s life outside the Matrix box. Others’ ideas and thoughts (including mine-maybe especially mine) are but the pegs you carry in your pack to help you with a hand hold or a foot hold when you need them. You leave them in the cracks in the rock as you climb and you realize it’s your own determination, skills, strength and courage that gets you to the top… not the pegs. Another analogy… you are travelling across the land and you’re hungry. You come across an apple tree and you grab a couple to eat. Do you now stop your journey at that place thinking the apple tree is going to feed you for the rest of your life? No, you carry on with the journey. Maybe you take a few apples in your pack, but you keep going. It’s your journey, always your journey.

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  1. ANM7 says:

    So is so much here. So much created by the artistic mind. Yea the mind is artistic, for this is how we create reality. And so this is why there is much here in this work. Some might only see the artistically purveyed. But the artist can return and ask self, gee, I could’ve played with this, with that, umm…..
    The reason being that the artist is at work upon self.

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  2. This presented me with an interesting conundrum Lisa.
    With a sort of simple mechanical scientific hat on, then a crack is a sign of a loss of structural integrity, but then that is only a surface evaluation. Because the cracks are also having an inspirational effect on the mind and creative spirit of a person, so there is a sort of duality, they are both ‘destructive and ‘creative’, which is sort of how the cosmos works.
    Moving on from there indicates you are in tune with this dynamic. Now when we consider ‘cracks’ in the human construction, are these are bad thing? Or are these sign of change, and the evolution from one state to another? Which is suggested to me within the lines…

    “or wandering off
    in a totally new direction…
    Forks in the road…
    Decision points.
    Yet both paths progress from there.”

    In fact it had me thinking about John Wyndm’s SF book “Chrysalis” there is a line
    ‘Life is change. How it differs from the rocks ‘

    You have certainly hit on something here, which I think you set most readers thinking about.

    All the best.

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    • Roger, I do so love prodding that mystic-scientific mind of yours! You have a gift for drawing in the most fascinating details and perspectives, and so help drive my personal thought evolution, and that is much appreciated by me…

      As for the rocks, they change as well, eroding, shifting, rolling on at times. Their changes may be more subtle to witness, but no less powerful than our own. Indeed, they may serve to remind us that while we may appear to change dramatically at the surface level, we remain at our cores the same. Everlasting.

      Evolution, as I perceive it, requires more than cosmetic, surface changes; indeed it requires an actual shifting of the bedrock of our selves…

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  3. Self examination is an important aspect of growth and development. As you have illustrated, memories are helping you through stages of reclamation and repair.
    Be positive about this matter and you will gain more from what is going on.

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