Poetry, Reflections

“Fields of Green…”

I am walking through a field of green

tall grasses waving gently in the breeze

absolute peace surrounding me…

The sun is warm upon my flesh

invigorating and comforting simultaneously

lighting and shadowing all that is around me…

There is music in the warm air

birdsong and trees sighing in the distance

conversations abound, but not about me this time…

I approach a simple puddle in the field

that some might call a pond.

Green coats its surface

and grows beneath as well…

I am drawn there…

compelled to look within…

where I encounter eyes of green

staring back at me…

As my vision expands, my perspective draws back

revealing something unexpected…

For the eyes that regard me silently

and curiously,

are not human, after all…

Slits define the pupils

darkness embraces and intensifies the color…

Does the Panther see what I see?

for his eyes reflect

those very same fields of green…




6 thoughts on ““Fields of Green…”

  1. Atmospheric; the way the tenor shifts from the soothing dreamlike to the suddenly mysterious.
    Is the Panther looking over your shoulder and you are seeing the reflection?
    Or is The Panther looking at you from another time and place through a portal that is the puddle?
    And of course just what is the Panther seeing?
    Compelling poem Lisa!

    Liked by 1 person

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