Poetry, Reflections, Visions

“A Doorway…?”

I close my eyes today and what do I see?

A simple doorway standing silently before me…

All around the door is dark

no details or context come to mind

but the doorway stands there steadfastly


I move closer to examine it,

suspecting some clue must be there.

But no, not this time,

for this door is completely bare…

Simple wood, no adornment;

no hardware, either, I’m startled to note.

It’s just a plain door, in a simple frame…

Nothing more.

Curiosity gets me wondering…

Just where does this doorway lead?

Is it somewhere I want to go?

Or someplace I managed to leave?



4 thoughts on ““A Doorway…?”

  1. Doors, doorways, pathways through woods, tunnels… all quite symbolic of how transient our passages are, and how we were designed, or evolved, as wanderers, aliens and strangers ever on the move, ever seeking a home, yet ever afraid we may just find one and lose our wanderlust. Just give me space… and if you put a door in my way, I’ll certainly open it and walk through. Signed: Another Homeless Wanderer – by Choice.

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