Update to “Mixed Messages”…

For those of you interested in how the dilemma actually panned out, here is the update…

A near, dear friend for almost 30 years was hauled away this morning in an ambulance for yet another heart attack, perhaps.  What makes this one different is that she wanted to shut me out totally.  After initially asking for a ride to the hospital, she changed her mind, choosing to go by ambulance.  She did not want me involved.  She chose not to take her keys, or her phone, and did not inform me what hospital she was going to.

So I have no info, or means to find out, if I choose to respect her wishes.  And I do respect her wishes; compassion demands that I honor her requests, as hard as it is to actually do.  I have only the responsibility of caring for her dogs, which she DID ask me to do…

Like a wounded animal retreating to a private place, she is gone…

So, yes, feelings of grief, sadness, irritability and fatigue are all appropriate responses to the situation, whether they occurred two days ago unbidden, or return today in response to what has happened…



15 thoughts on “Update to “Mixed Messages”…

  1. Veronica Virga says:

    Sometimes under duress we feel it unfair to burden those close to us with our own doubts and fears. Our tribulations make us feel unworthy of the care and concern that friends offer up freely to us, to let us know we are well thought of and cared for. That your friend has entrusted pets to you shows trust, and that you represent a safe harbor in the tempest of life. Stay the course, be cheerful and encouraging. Friends that think highly of each other are together, always.

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  2. This is hard on you Lisa, you obviously have a strong friendship.
    Sometimes sudden and severe ill-health can put a person in odd places they would not normally be.
    Hang on in there, stick with your resolve.
    We’re with you!
    Take care. Best wishes to you and your friend.

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