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“72 Hours…”

What if someone told you you have 72 hours before the world as you know it comes crashing down?  Not in fire and brimstone, perhaps, but through the collapse of the whole “system” that keeps it in check.  The worst nightmares of the conspiracy theorists come to life, their direst predictions proven true…

What would you do with that time?

Imagine that in 72 hours, just 3 days, everything will change.  And all that you thought was as bad as it could get, gets much worse.  Banks and businesses collapse.  Martial law is instituted.  Police and soldiers start actually shooting people (everyone!) in the streets, just for being there.  People riot in fear.  Infrastructure fails.  Communication systems (phone and internet) shut down.  Nowhere is truly “safe” anymore, and you can no longer deny that truth…

How would you prepare for that?  If you knew it would begin in earnest on Monday morning, how would you spend your last weekend of pseudo-freedom?

Don’t waste your time typing your answers here, please.  But do go out and live them.  For that time may be coming sooner than you think.  And 72 hours may be all the warning you receive…

Just sayin’…


13 thoughts on ““72 Hours…”

  1. I can see it now: Block buster movie, “72 Hours to Armageddon” based on the novelette by Lisa R. Palmer. What does that mean to someone like myself? I might smile if I was convinced it was for real. Long ago I decided that my personal trek on this world would end when I got to be fifty. I’ll be 70 in two days, so basically I’ve been living in “sudden death overtime” for 20 years. I spent those years living like there is no tomorrow, detaching from exclusive relationships, learning self-empowerment, then reaching out, helping, giving, writing and talking, particularly on the topic of living the compassionate life. I mean, what else did I give myself to do? Anything else that would have acquired me personal wealth, extra physical comfort, security or notoriety would have been a total waste of my time, or rather a time that was no longer mine. I’ve lived someone else’s life all these years, watching what that “other” (otherhood of one???) would do given each changing circumstance. That “other” who took my place turned out to be a wonderful teacher for me as observer. Since I was already “dead” I didn’t worry about what she chose to do with my body and its resources. 72 hours to the end? Bring it on! 🙂

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    • Lol! Love this! And happy non-birthday, Sha’Tara!

      This was just something my friend and I were discussing this morning. And, after having realized there was nothing we really needed to do about it, we laughed and went back to bed. Not very ambitious, huh? Lol!

      Enjoy Armageddon when it arrives, for you’ve certainly earned that by now… 😉


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