Reflections, Unquotables

Unquotable Quotes #16

“Life is but a dream…”

And like every dream I’ve ever remembered, I find that whatever catches my attention suddenly takes on color, form and significance, including the monsters of my nightmares…

So today I’ve decided to practice a conscious selective perception: choosing to grant my attention (and therefore “reality”) only to those objects, feelings and events I wish to experience…

(And here comes the quote…)

Self-Empowerment Lesson 1: Β If I’m going to be self-delusional today, I’m going to choose what to delude myself about.


9 thoughts on “Unquotable Quotes #16

  1. That’s a good one. Some people claim that reality as we perceive it is all illusion. Delusional then would be an angle on illusion and we’re all delusional, one way or another. The way I see it is, if it’s all illusion, what is “all” is nothing, therefore it makes no difference to perceived reality, as the illusion/delusions run in the background, presenting a perfectly acceptable reality tableau. One can claim the food on the table is an illusion, and the ones who eat are delusional, but if you’re hungry and that illusory food fill the stomach, I’m not one to complain or abstain.
    Enjoy your delusion of the day… tomorrow will bring another.

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