Poetry, Reflections, Visions




White noise…


In the air surrounding me…

Vibrating through my bones…

Burrowing deep into my ear canals,

like a nest of angry bees!



Completely ill at ease…

My neck aching from the weight that rests upon it!

I know not what this is that plagues me through this day,

but I am not afraid.

For I know, with that self-contained certainty,

that whatever it is brings change!



Evolutionary in its expression.

It rocks my world, and my worldview.


So hang on to your life rafts…

Hang on to your Self…

Something is coming today…

Best to welcome it among us.

Or not, if that be your choice.

But I am hunkering down for the long haul,

which I see yawning before us All.

Choosing Grace as my companion

and Conviction as my Cause!


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