I surrender today…  Completely.

But what does that mean exactly, and where is it likely to lead?

For some (myself included at times in my past), surrender is about letting go of control.  It’s about saying “enough is enough,” and simply giving up the incessant need to direct everything according to my rules, my beliefs, my expectations, and my hopes.  And by doing so, it also opens the door for the Universe, in whatever form you might “worship” it, to step in and guide your unresisting soul to “better” outcomes…

Sounds delightful, doesn’t it?  And ultimately empowering, in the sense that the end result is always “better,” even if it’s not the end you sought.  And a case can often be made that the end result is actually “better” for you.  But hindsight often works that way…

In contests where two or more parties are vying for the same limited result or resources, however, surrender is synonymous with losing.  Giving up means leaving the game, and you simply cannot win if you do not play.  You may certainly argue that the “game” wasn’t a worthy pursuit, but, again, hindsight can be used to justify and “correct” the context of many perceived “failures.”

So it would seem that “surrender” can be both a victory or a loss, depending on your ability and motivation to “spin” the results…

I’ve heard it said that English is the most difficult language to learn, in part, because of these dramatic shifts in meaning created by subtle differences in context, spelling or pronunciation.  Essentially, you have to know what someone means before understanding how to read or hear what they are saying.  

I believe that, of course, and often use that added complexity to create depth and dimension, and multiple meanings, to my conversation.  Of course, being a typical self-centered American, I never bothered to learn any other language.  So anything I say in this context is based entirely on hearsay which I can neither confirm nor deny.

Of course, there is another possible interpretation of “surrender” that bears considering.  For surrender can also be a guilt-free way to say “lazy,” as in, “I’m not motivated enough to act in this case, so I choose to just let it go.  Give up.  Surrender…”  But that interpretation carries none of the “nobility” of the first two uses.  There is no hard fought journey that leads one to seek help.  Nor is there an effort made that later failed.  This version of surrender is based on apathy…

So what, exactly, am I trying to say today?

Honestly, I have no idea.  As the word “surrender” reverberates in the otherwise empty echo chamber of my mind, I have no context.  And since I do not already know what I mean, I can hardly interpret it accurately.  So I will go on about my day, putting one foot in front of the other, and simply wait…

And perhaps, if I am lucky, Hindsight will step in later to explain…


14 thoughts on ““Surrender…”

  1. I loved reading this Lisa; I’ve been surrendering myself of late to avoid ‘rattling apart’. I reckon there is a time for surrender, although me being tied up in military history the word which comes to me is ‘withdrawal’ which seems to resonate with your perceptions of surrender.
    If we do forge ahead irrespective of cost to ourselves or others there is the risk of damage which might not be repairable.
    Annnddd with another military analogy there is also ‘pause and regroup’ which some might mistake as ‘lazy’, not so.
    (I’m full of these military comparisons, my poor wife….my grandson Jim (18 this year) understands….neither of us subscribe to the phrase ‘military intelligence is an oxymoron’).
    I think you’ve got a reasonable balance there.
    All the best
    Roger (still on catch-up after 2 to 3 weeks out of following blogs)

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  2. Brilliant. I quote: ” As the word “surrender” reverberates in the otherwise empty echo chamber of my mind, I have no context. And since I do not already know what I mean, I can hardly interpret it accurately.”

    That in my opinion (and life changing experience) is the definition of surrender. For me it wasn’t surrender to “the universe” or some deity or philosophy, it was surrendering everything that described “me” in my own mind. I reached that point where I did not exist. Like you today, I went through the motions and tried to remain calm. Freaking out would have brought back all the old “stuff” which I’d rejected.

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