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“Field of Grass – A Partial Vision…”

The following represents what I believe to be a partial vision.  It began last night as I drove home from work, and continues to replay every time I stop moving for a minute or two.  I call it “partial” because it feels incomplete, but it has not yet progressed beyond this scene…

I share it now because it is coming this morning with greater frequency and clarity, containing just the seed of urgency that often accompanies such visions.  I do not yet know, or even suspect, its meaning, nor am I particularly inclined to look too hard for it.  I suspect it is only a partial anyway, so any attempt to “decode” it will be like trying to learn vocabulary words out of context…

Unless…  Unless “partial” itself is the essence of its context, possessing multiple meanings itself.  Hmm…


I am walking in a field of tall grasses that grow as far as I can see,  like a green/brown ocean all around me.  The tips are dancing in a gentle breeze, creating waves upon this earthy sea…

To my left is a forest, all hazy and dark, a living presence I only acknowledge as I pass…

I am walking toward a setting or rising sun, though I have no sense of time to tell me which it is, for it appears only as a burning red disc behind a shelf of tall clouds.  All of the sky reflects that red, blending it seamlessly with oranges, and pinks, and hints of blue…

I am at peace.  And yet poignantly aware of the blurred outlines distorting everything I see.  It occurs to me it must be very hot or humid today, since the very air I breathe is sparkling with waves of heat, and water vapor…

I reach out my arms to either side, trailing my hands through the tall grasses, eager to feel their softness tickling my skin.  And it is then that I notice I’m not feeling anything…

I cannot feel the grass on my hands.  I do not feel the breeze that is playing with it.  I sense none of the sunlight upon my exposed skin…  In fact, I feel no-thing!

Startled, I come awake, wondering why this is?  I realize it is not peace that has been filling me, but an emptiness so full of nothing that I feel completely satisfied.  But now that I am aware, I know I have no physical needs, for I am neither cold nor hot, hungry nor thirsty; I am, but I am no-thing…

Confused, I ask myself, “Am I dreaming now?…  Or am I dead?”


And that, my friends, is as far as I have been able to travel down this road…



7 thoughts on ““Field of Grass – A Partial Vision…”

  1. Best “guess” I’d say you are being taught to walk between the worlds. There is a surreal quality to the “physical” world you describe, more like a painting than a real world. My Teacher, El Issa used to take me there, until I got the hang of it and can do it on my own now. Where does that road lead? That would depend on your stated purpose for being on that road in the first place. You have to “call up” your destination, or so it was/is with me anyway. I used to get scared of finding myself increasingly disconnecting from the Earthian reality, afraid that one day I wouldn’t be able to come back. Then I reached the level where I did not want to come back. Perspective changed drastically, along with a huge increase in self-empowerment and self awareness. The losers were those “enlightened” types with their New Age self-help books and “revelations” or conversations with god, etc. 🙂 Here’s to expanding and new vistas.

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    • Thanks for your input, Sha’Tara! Yes, surreal is definitely a quality I would say applies. Though it had not occurred to me that this was a transfer or portal place, from where I could travel at will.

      Definitely worth exploring more! 🙂

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  2. Love this, senses are a human trait, when we shed the body and become pure spirit (in dreamtime etc) we are free to simply experience without preconcieved notions. Follow the path, I for one look forward to finding out where it leads you. 🙂

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