Poetry, Reflections

“Waking from a nightmare…”

I open my eyes to total darkness,

but the alarm is going off

so it must be time to rise again.

I breathe deeply, only dimly aware

that my breath has been way too shallow of late.

I peer into the darkness, and realize

that it feels lighter somehow.

“Ahh, yes,” I remember, suddenly, “I was having a nightmare!”

But the sun is just over the horizon now,

and will no doubt rise again soon;

I am just ahead of it today,

much like a New Moon.

Relief rushes through me, as it often does,

when waking from a bad dream over which I had no control of.

I welcome the false solidity of the reality surrounding me

and vow to put away the dream.

And gratitude for all that aids me

seeps through all the space “between”.

I am here now:



and free.

Sorrow, anger, fear and resentment

are no longer smothering me.

Smiling, I get out of bed.

Time to carry on with whatever this day brings.


A hint of shadow touches me…

Unless this is the respite

before the nightmare re-begins…


32 thoughts on ““Waking from a nightmare…”

  1. Quote: A hint of shadow touches me…
    Unless this is the respite
    before the nightmare re-begins…

    The eternal question to which we know the answer, but each time the nightmare begins again we are aware of its tricks and hopefully armed against its devastating but illusory wiles…

    (Hint: If you wanted to eliminate that empty line the WordPress editor inserts between every SRT (soft return) line of text, particularly when writing poetry, you first put the entire poem down on the edit page, then for each line, you do this: put your cursor at the FRONT of the line you want to bring UP. Click “backspace” then “enter” This puts a HRT (hard return) at the end of your line instead of an SRT and the line of text goes immediately below, not two lines below. The process is annoying at first but your fingers learn the tricks pretty quickly. Most short line poetry reads better and easier without the gaps. Thus speaketh the mind that once had most of “DOS for Dummies” practically memorized. (“Yes Amanda, there was a time when Windows did not exist…” “Oh, gran, you’re telling tales again and being silly!”)

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  2. Just a touch of serious, esp. to ANM7 – I would be “dessicated with mortification” (as Sylvester Pussycat would put so pithyly) if I ever deliberately insulted another being. Not in my nature. Oh, I can rage against the machine (and that can include “characters” masquerading as real people such as DT for example) with the best of ’em, but there is a line. Furthermore a total stranger is automatically entitled to total respect. Ah sure, when people get to really know each other, like husband and wife, those can quite properly become insult teams and may the best mouth win!

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