Unsolicited Advice… (Day 26)

I wrote this last year, but I find it just as true and useful today, so I’m sharing it again. And, for the record, Small Business Saturday is November 26th this year; that’s the Saturday after Thanksgiving…

Wishing you all a happy, family and love filled holiday season! 🙂

the otherhood of one

For those of you who celebrate the solstice season, at least in part, with a shopping and gift giving frenzy, this post is meant for you.  It includes my unsolicited advice for maneuvering through the retail chaos of this season, offered from the perspective of one who has worked in the field for over 30 years, filling every position from cashier to clerk to management, and several in between…  (And if it sounds a little snarky at times, just go with it, as I’m merely trying to get into the holiday shopping spirit!)

  • DO shop small.  Please support your local small businesses whenever practical and possible.  Not only will you likely encounter more unique gift options, shorter lines and more helpful staff, but you may very well be helping that business (and its employees) to stay afloat.  Many small businesses depend upon the holiday season to pull them…

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