Poetry, Reflections, Visions


I woke from a dream the other day…  seeing.  And what I “envisioned” was this…

I saw a field of static…

white noise…  I saw.

And it was white, kinda, or maybe a light dirty grey…

filled with billions of black dots…

all moving…


Together they formed lines and shapes,

flashing in and out of sight,

all shifting so quickly,

they could only be identified by hindsight.

As I stared at this wall of blankness

that wasn’t actually blank at all,

I knew Others were watching, too,

and that the static had become the rule.

We were staring with intention,


until what we saw

became reality.

Gradually some began to speak,

shouting out the things they’d see,

while others spoke to validate…

or contradict…

their views.

Until, finally, baffled and confused,

it occurred to me

that all of it was true…

That this static was nothing more than pure potential…

and nothing less than pure creativity…

And we, as observers with the courage to speak,

could so influence what others might see.

And the only thing I could think of to say was…

“Please create responsibly.”

But, really now…

What does that actually mean?

And then the Silence came for me once more,

and there was Nothing…

but static on a wall…



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