A Visit from Jaguar…

Walking through my daily life

feeling watched…

feeling stalked…

But not threatened…

No…  Never that!

A snarl sounds nearby, catching my attention.

And I am thrilled…

Instant recognition!

A spotted face, a curled lip

whiskers scanning warily.

And the Fox who has been with me so long

suddenly vanishes!

“But of course he does,” I tell myself

laughing at the logic.

“Fox taught me much about survival in a world gone rogue;

now it’s time to practice what He taught!”

“Sooo, Jaguar,” I begin, returning to my self.

“I’ve sensed you near for days,

on the edge of consciousness,

shadowing my periphery.

Have you come forward now to aid me?

Teach me something about myself?

Or are you trying to frighten me,

and failing?”

Breathing deeply, I feel Strength

seeping into every cell…

Vibrating into my very Being…

Empowering every particle of Me.

Strength and Power…

and Stealth…

The prowess of a jungle cat.

And vibrant, radiant Health!

“Ahh…  Healing it is, then.

And Purpose, too.

For I Sense our joining…

No boundaries between us…

We are no longer Two!”




Smiling and joyful,

I blissfully embrace

my Jaguar nature

if only for today!




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