“The Little Soul…”

I don’t usually reblog my own work, but I was led back to this piece by someone rummaging through my archives (yay!). It moved me in a new way, and so I felt compelled to share it again. Special thanks to whomever led me back to it, as I had totally forgotten its existence. 🙂

the otherhood of one

The time was long ago.

The place was far away

in space, if not in memory.

And there was born a soul

newly crafted and complete.

But what is it, One wondered,

about this particular soul,

on this particular date,

in this particular place,

that will make this soul unique?

What face will it choose to wear in Time?

What expressions might it reveal?

What will those shining eyes

choose to see

in a world of hidden grace?

And what masks will it then choose

to hide behind

to help define

its self?

***   ***   ***

“This is the mask you choose to wear?,”

The Creator asked the soul.

“You realize, I’m sure,

that it hides more than it shows…?”

“Of course,” replied the soul

adjusting its mask just so,

“but that is how I choose to live this Life

that you have now made possible.”

“Suit your self,” the Creator…

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