An Exercise in Understanding…

For some time now I have kept my silence, honoring a call for such from beyond my mortal view.  I have sat and watched, refusing (for the most part) to engage, as I was “instructed” to do, for it was the time for Others to claim their desired places in the world.

I have learned much by watching, and not interacting.  I have laughed; sometimes joyously celebrating what Others have accomplished, sometimes acknowledging the absolute absurdity of what they are attempting.  I have cried; sometimes mourning what seems forever lost, sometimes suffering for what seems never-ending.  But there have also been tears shed for the “goodness” I have seen, and mocking laughter for the pointlessness of it all…

But today…

Today, for some reason, a Key was thrown to me, releasing me (at least for a while) from my Self-imposed exile.  And so there are two “lessons” I’ve learned recently that I’d like to pass on.  Maybe they will mean something to one of you, or perhaps they are mere nonsense; that would be for each of you who read this to judge for yourselves…


Imagine you are looking in a mirror; nothing too strange about that.  And while you are watching, you notice movement in the upper left corner of the glass.  Your eyes naturally shift there, curiosity claiming your attention.  You peer more closely into the glass, attempting to discover the nature of what is happening.  You can’t quite make it out.  So you stare a little harder, focus more sharply on that tiny corner of the world…

You become so focused on deciphering, interpreting, and understanding that activity, that you completely forget you are staring in a mirror.  And so the mirror becomes a window into some Other reality beyond…

But the real tragedy, my friends, is not that you have forgotten your Self, so much; no, the truest mistake is that you have lost your perspective, and so can no longer comprehend that what is actually happening is behind you to your right!

If you would Know the truth yourSelf, then turn around and look behind You.  It is there, sharing the same Reality as You.  But you will not discover its real nature by watching it in the mirror; Nothing is what it appears to be…


For the longest Time we have learned to focus our energies outside, on specific goals, objects, ambitions; that Time has ended…

Picture this: a map of sorts, with several key points lying like cities all around.  As we focus our attention on these various points of existence, we send energy (in the form of intention) their way, connecting the Whole in a vast network of intersecting lines and ambitions.  That is the “old” way; laser-like intentions that leave a vast landscape unexplored and disconnected…

Now…  Imagine turning your focus inward, to your single point of existence.  See yourself feeding that internal fire exclusively, and watch how it grows.  As you feed more fuel to the fire, that point that is You grows, in all directions simultaneously; from a single pinprick of focus, you become a roaring flame, that bursts into a wildfire spreading outward in all directions.  Until it encounters obstacles or other fires in its path.

Obstacles can be overrun, or run around, while other fires can be embraced, instantly magnifying both the power of both fires and their range.  But one of the most significant realizations to take from this is that all of the ground between you has been thoroughly incorporated, and for an equal measure all around you!

So you want to “send” love, or healing, or any other ambition into the world beyond yourself?  Do so by sending it to yourSelf.  Fill yourSelf to overflowing with that intention until it spreads out enough to encounter a similar ambition; then embrace that Other, and let your intentions grow together.  You will not only accomplish your goal much more quickly and powerfully, but you will cover a significant amount of Other ground in between!

And yes… To answer that unasked-as-yet question: this is how I’ve been spending Time in my Self-enclosed sanctuary.  But maybe that is totally irrelevant to You.  And for anyone who casually glances my way, I may not exist at all.  The mirror is enchanting and beguiling, so much so that what is truly happening may never capture our attention as a Whole at all…

Happy 2017, my friends!!  😉


8 thoughts on “An Exercise in Understanding…

  1. Welcome back! I “know” there are as many ways to try to understand consciousness and the self as there are sentient, self-aware, intelligent individual entities “out there.” I can see into the point you make, the need to find focus, a working place that brings a sense of well-being, fulfillment, joy, empathy. Sometimes you have to say, “whatever works” and go with it. It doesn’t have to work for anyone else. That’s man’s greatest foolishness: to think that a particular way, path, belief has to be accepted by everybody else when it’s the exact opposite: we should strive to find our own way, path, belief, ideally one that no one else has been on, or in. That’s when the real sense of fullness flows in and outward. I like the 2nd point about turning inwards to “see” our reality. This is where we decide how to answer that age-old question: who/what am I? When we fill ourselves with “light” or cosmic energy, we answer that question. Then (speaking for myself here) we become avatars of consciousness and we can go way outside of ourselves: no boundaries, no leashes. We travel beyond space and time animated only by who/what we are. I guess that’s the point where the New Agey type “teachers” would say, “I am God” though I would never claim that baleful title for myself since that would once again enslave me to a system. A god without a creation does not exist; a god with a creation is enslaved to, and by, it. I try very hard not to consciously create anything so as to remain free. Again: detachment. When we are detached from current reality, then we are free to live as a self-empowered individual…

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    • Yes!!

      Hardly a worthy response to the truth you lay out here, but it is the correct one, I think. Lol!

      I especially love the facts that you “see into” my point, and that you bring up the binds that tie creator to created.

      I have missed our chats, dear wise friend! Happy hugs! 😀

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    • Somewhere, yes. Lol! It is wonderful to see you, Eddie, and I take great comfort in your voice of support; I have nothing but the greatest respect for your wisdom and friendship! Peace and many blessings to you and yours! 😀

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