What is real?

Special thanks to my friend KAMEAMOONMAIDEN for drawing my attention back to this old post, as it now takes on even more meaning for me. Repetition, cycles, synchronicity… these universal processes still function as expected in a world where the unexpected has gained the upper hand… 😀

the otherhood of one

I grew up in a world where reality was believed to be something solid and concrete.  It was observable, measurable, testable, and consensual.  Any deviation from that norm and you were labelled: “eccentric,” “weird,” “unusual,” “strange” and “crazy” are all labels I have worn with pride.  “Delusional,” “paranoid,” and just plain “wrong” I have tolerated because I had no choice, being, at best, on the fringes of what society named “okay.”

But these days, the labels themselves seem off.  With the mainstream acceptance of quantum physics, and its inevitable creation of a more malleable reality, everything that made me “creative” and “unusual” now falls easily within the realm of possibility, even probability.  What once would have sent me back to the psyche ward, should I choose to voice it aloud, is now almost common dinner conversation.  Even the local state hospital, the prison I fought so hard to avoid, is…

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