PSA: Bayart.org

In the week or so between when I wrote my recent essay on The Ethics of Writing and the day I published it, I received another nudge about writing again.  This time it was in the form of an invitation to be a contributing writer on bayart.org.  It was an unexpected gift, especially as it arrived during a time when I was debating whether to start publishing again or not.

The site is eclectic, driven by enthusiastic, positive-minded, and talented writers of all kinds.  I had been following the site myself, so naturally, I was eager to jump in and join the community.  If you need a quick mental reset, I encourage you to check it out.

Two things worth mentioning here.  First, due to the number of contributors, the site produces a vast quantity of material.  Be aware of that before you sign up for email notifications, as it will swamp your inbox…

Second, I’m publishing there under the name cougarhawk8.  Not because I’m trying to hide my identity or anything, but because that’s my email addy, and I haven’t learned enough about navigating the site yet to find my profile, or change what name I publish under.  Lol!  Damn technical details!

If you’re interested, this might be the link to my latest post there…



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