“Alternative” Times…

I open my eyes to a blood red sky, and instantly I am wide awake.  “Shit!,” I cry aloud, “a massive storm must be headed our way!”

Dressing quickly, I grab my phone and head for the porch, hoping to capture that vivid prediction in digital form.  Snapping photos, I can’t help but notice, the western sky darkening behind me.  And it is then that it occurs to me, the sun is fading rather than growing before me…

“The sun is setting in the east today?,” I wonder aloud.  “First thing in the morning?!”

‘Tis odd, I admit, even to myself, but in this world of “alternative facts” who am I to question which way time should flow?

Shaking my head to dislodge that sense of disorientation that always plagues these “alternative” events, I head in to make coffee at last.  And I cannot help but ponder the significance of what I have just witnessed…

Two cups later I’m almost convinced I must have imagined the whole thing.  After all, the whole sky is lit now, even if the sun isn’t visible…

So I pick up my phone to do some early morning catch-up, and the camera turns itself on.  Intrigued, I remember the photos I took, so I look in my gallery to see if my digital memory resembles my own imaginings…

Nothing definitive, of course, for that would be too easy.  Still, the progression of the pictures could easily be a sunset in the city.  But they were captured at 6:30 am today…


Am I the only one experiencing the odd, disconnected, irrational sense data of a superimposed “alternate” reality?

Three photos taken this morning, in the order they were taken:




Just weird…


8 thoughts on ““Alternative” Times…

  1. The chronology definitely shows diminishing light and colour. That is strange. I’m also experiencing much “disconnection” lately, but for me those are normal life cycles, and I don’t like to put too much into feelings. It’s possible “something” is happening. It’s possible we are sensing social planetary unease based on the greater geopolitical condition of the world: stress from culture shock due to waves of economic, political, environmental negative events. Could be deeper than that, but I’ve learned to draw the line. I’m not expecting any “Second Coming” or the mothership to manifest… 🙂 There’s always a danger of confusing our own personal expanding awareness with physical events.

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    • I hear what you are saying. And my more “rational” self says there is likely some perfectly reasonable explanation of which I am unaware. But the beauty of that moment, when I started to “realize” the “wrongness” of it all was precious to me. I laughed. And all day long, I laughed. At every truly weird thing that occurred…

      Is it “wrong” of me to be enjoying myself so much these past couple of days? More and more people are crossing my path, bewildered, recounting strange experiences they can’t explain. They tell me, “it’s just… just… just…”

      “Weird?,” I suggest.

      “Yes! Weird! It’s all just so weird!”

      I feel vindicated in a way, as if the rest of the world is finally beginning to experience things the way I always have. And it amuses me to see their reactions, and watch how they handle it…

      I’m actually working on a new piece that addresses this, and I’m very excited about it. Random thoughts and ideas keep tracking me down, so that I’ve taken to carrying a note pad with me to jot down key words. I just can’t seem to find the time to write it all out. Now if the sun would actually set in the morning one of these days, and stay down, that extra “night,” work free, might be just enough time to get it done… lol!

      Course, it’s equally possible I’m just “losing” it… 😉


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