Putting the Pieces Together…

So…  I woke this morning from an interesting dream, and I thought I would share it with you…

In the dream, I was attempting to solve puzzles, as I frequently do.  (Not too difficult to interpret that, if you take it literally.  Lol!)  Only this time, something had changed.  I knew I was still searching for missing pieces to a puzzle I’d been working on forever.  It was one of those scenarios where frustration and patience vie for the dominant place in my psyche, and it serves as a backdrop to all the other puzzle solving I do.

Anyway, I was only casually looking this time, as I truly didn’t expect to find anything of interest; the “powers that be” have been particularly stingy about releasing or revealing the missing info on this particular puzzle.  So it took me a while to realize that the “missing pieces” were being revealed, en masse, and not just to me.  There was a whole crowd there waiting, and several “beings” laying out pieces to several puzzles (not just my particular nemesis), like putting out lunch on a buffet table.  I could feel the excitement growing in the room, but I did not feel it myself…

The pieces I was looking for were black, ugly, gross, like chips of gooey tar, without any discernable shape or content on them.  As a “being” (who looked a lot like my cat, though human sized and walking upright – lol!) placed those pieces near me on the table, he made a point of looking up at me, making eye contact with me specifically.  Another walked up behind him, and added to my pile, without even glancing at me, while my cat-human never broke eye contact. A couple others followed suit, as pieces appeared from multiple “sources.”  My cat-human maintained direct eye contact throughout.

Meanwhile, a woman next to me started doing a little happy dance, bopping and clapping her hands excitedly.  She tried to fire me up, but of all the emotions passing through me, excitement was definitely not part of the mix.  I felt more baffled, bewildered, even disappointed, as though this was an anticlimactic end to a story that had long compelled me.  I just couldn’t grasp that it might be over, and that it might be ending this way…

“Oh, come on!,” the lady beside me exclaimed.  “Aren’t you even a little bit excited?!  I mean, look!  All the pieces you’ve been searching for are right there!  A gift!”

“But…,” I began to respond, then hesitated, not sure how to voice my thoughts.  “…But…  doesn’t this seem a little too easy?,”  I countered.  “I mean, isn’t the searching part of the process?…  If they just give us the answers, then what will we learn?  And what, then, is the point of the search at all?”

At this point my cat-human broke eye contact with me, glancing down at the table briefly, before turning away and leaving.  I admit I felt a flicker of relief, knowing the fruitless and frustrating searching was over, but I couldn’t quite bring myself to go pick those pieces up.

The lady beside me placed a hand on my shoulder, adding a final comment before moving on to find her own missing pieces on the table…  “Don’t be ridiculous,” she advised.  “You still have to figure out how to put them together!”

I woke with that last line running through my thoughts repeatedly.  And it was my cat, unusually restless and insistent, who pulled me from that dream…



4 thoughts on “Putting the Pieces Together…

  1. 4th-5th reading and I’d appropriated your dream for myself, applying my own “interpretation” had I dreamt it. It’s like this: the “puzzle” is what the Matrix wants to keep us occupied playing with so we won’t notice what’s really going on. Arriving at a certain level of awareness, the puzzle-solver begins to see that the pieces are “black, ugly, gross, like chips of goey tar” and the eye-contact with the cat-like humanoid means a connection with someone who is trying to hint, while not telling, that the puzzle, the game, is pointless; that the pieces mean nothing. The dancing woman is your typical sheeple, still believing that “they” would gift humanity, make things easier by revealing the pieces, then leaving it to the human to “get excited” at being given the pieces… even though they are meaningless, if not demeaning and any effort expended to put them together is all for naught. Even a child wouldn’t be interested for two minutes in assembling dull, ugly, gross, puzzle pieces and would move on to something more interesting. To me that dream is a deep look into the psychology of a manipulating matrix. “Take your puzzle pieces and shove ’em!” would be my answer to such a “gift.”

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