Free Floating…

Someone recently gave me one of those solar powered move-y things (toys), that move smoothly in some remarkable way.  In this case it’s a plastic butterfly who floats freely above a plastic flower in a little plastic dome, without appearing to be held up by anything.  I don’t understand the science behind how it works (or perhaps I should say “know,” since I could probably understand the science if I bothered to look it up… lol!), but I know that it fascinates me.  I have it near my window (facing east), so every morning as the sun rises, that little butterfly comes to life.  Intriguing little devil…

And it reminds me of a tv show I recently watched (no spoilers here), where a character actually levitated after a long night of “trial” confronting his fears.  The students of that workshop had to find their way through a forest at night, without any light for aid, on a new moon (dark) night.  He made it through.  And as the sun rose in the east, he “found the Light within,” and physically lifted off the ground, free floating above an old stump for some time.  Yes, I know it’s just make-believe and tv magic, but still fascinating to me.  And no, I do not wish to know the “science” behind how that was created, either…

What I want, apparently, as these two examples show, is the “magic,” the sense of the miraculous happening in real world settings.  And why not?  For a child… (I truly looked at the world last night through my 10 month old granddaughter’s eyes, and I felt every ounce of wonder and awe behind those smiles and giggles of discovery…)  For a child, every day, every moment is ripe with the discovery of magic.  And as we grow, and learn the “science” behind things, we slowly lose that sense of wonder in the world.

So today, I am choosing to be a child again, to view the world as my granddaughter does.  I am watching that butterfly fly in its little plastic world, completely in awe of the magic that allows it to happen.  I am embracing each moment as though it is a miracle performed just for me.  I am defying all the “rules” of science and society, so that I may immerse myself in wonder once more…

And as the sun rises higher in the eastern sky, I can feel my self rising with it, free floating for a time above the earth…

Come join me…?


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