The Blue Sky Tag

Me:  But I never do these award things!  I can’t figure out the links and stuff…

An’Other:  But it’s Roger, Lisa!  Roger nominated you!

Me:  I know!  I know, and I’m grateful…  But still…  links, you know…

An’Other:  You have to at least try…  It’s Roger, you know…

Me:  sigh…  You’re right, of course.  I will at least try…


Thank you, Roger, for nominating me for this.  I see I am in great company as I recognize some of the others.  For those of you who don’t know my dear friend, Roger, he’s a great author who just published his first book, and frequently entertains his followers with intelligent, insightful, and useful bits, all tainted by a wonderfully sardonic wit!  Check him out here (maybe):


The rules are quite simple (supposedly):


“1. Thank the person who nominated you.


2. Answer the 11 questions.


3. Tag 11 people.


4. Give your nominees 11 questions to answer.”

And the questions are:


11 Questions:


1. Would the list of people you would like to slap in the face with a custard pie exceed 1 A4 sheet?  I’m not sure what an A4 sheet is, nor do I see the point in wasting a good custard pie on someone who annoys me.  But I do sometimes wish I had a more violent streak, because there are many I’d like to slap in the face!


2. What is the most inspirational natural event you’ve ever seen?

The birth of a star (sun).  There is something incredibly impressive about watching something collapse under the weight of it’s own existence, to be born anew as something beautiful, cherished, nurturing, and life-giving.  (And no, I’m not telling if this was animated or real. Lol!)

3. Film critics. A necessary evil or an unnecessary encumbrance?

Neither.  People with opinions exist.  I tend to ignore those I disagree with (the opinions, not the people).  I’ve never let a critic determine whether or not I should see a movie.  I do, however, take product reviews more seriously, so those with a product to sell would be wise to keep their customers happy whenever possible.  Though even then I look for consistency among multiple reviews, rather than just one.


4. Have you ever had the urge, dream or wish to fly by your own power against the stars?

I’ve not only had the urge, dream or wish to do so, I have actually done it.  Though not in this physical form.  Yet…


5. Self-publishing. Full steam ahead or cautious?

Having spent time on the periphery of classic publishing methods, I’m all for this.  But I do wish those pushing full steam ahead would take time to critically consider their own work.  I’ve been badly disappointed by self-published authors with a good idea they rushed to sell while incomplete and/or poorly edited.


6. The Minions. Do you feel. They should be running the country. They are running the country?

I don’t know about this one, Roger.  The Minions seem significantly less malicious than the actual minions running the country, and they are far more amusing.  Perhaps because it’s hard to recognize the real dangers and consequences in animated form…

7. What is your blogging ambition?

To learn about my Self by engaging Others who share similar desires, but follow different paths.

8. Have you given up on Social Media in general?

I believe social media serves a purpose that is useful and fun; it has enabled me to connect, or reconnect, with others I might not have, and saves me from making multiple calls and social engagements.  But when it is used beyond that purpose, as a way to spread propaganda or hate messages (for example), then yeah, I get frustrated and tend to tune it out more…

9. Your favourite walks. Coast. Countryside. Woodlands. Uplands?

Without a doubt, the woodlands.  I am a tree, after all…  😉

10. Do you write in silence, to music, or another source of inspiration?

I write to both, depending upon the mood of the piece.  Sometimes I write to sunlight or candle light, too.  Love the lit screens that make this possible!

11. How do you feel about the fact that this blogger has classified you are a hero for enriching the WP and hopefully the world in general with your contributions?

I am honored, grateful, and humbled, all at the same time.  Especially given the source of this nomination; I have nothing but the greatest respect and admiration for Roger!  😀

Now for my nominations, in no particular order other than the way they are listed in my Manage list (first in, last out).  No pressure, friends; just my chance to recognize you all!:

(Wisdom and honesty abound here, with great links to other sites as well.)

(Poet, comic and collaborator extraordinaire, doing his part to spread the written word.)

(A poet’s poet, prolific, profound, and sometimes silly.)

(Haven’t seen him publish in a while, but he almost always made me laugh with the truths he pointed out.)

(Beauty, grace, wisdom and honesty all rolled into One.)

(Quirky, creative, and always worth reading!)

(Young, honest, and wise…)

(Prolific writer and artist, too; always something new and different there!)

(Absolutely amazing short fiction writer, with a profound sense of what it is to be human!)

(Poet, musician, profound thinker; always a bonus in my inbox.)

(Author, poetress, inspirational guide with a lyrical voice overflowing with love!)

This list is hardly complete, leaving out some I truly admire, including those I know have already been nominated by others.  Also, for some of these writers I had multiple sites listed, and I’m not sure I chose the right ones.  Of course, the links may not work at all, so it might not matter.  ;l

And your questions are:

1. Name one life event that dramatically altered your life…


2. Dreams: do you have them or chase them?


3.  What is your “favorite” feeling/emotion?


4. Soon, we as a species may be colonizing in space.  Would you prefer to remain here on Earth, or go exploring with the pioneers?


5. What other creative pursuits do you enjoy besides writing/blogging?


6. Movies are expensive if you go to the theater.  What kind of movie are you most likely willing to pay for to see – drama, comedy, sci-fi/fantasy, docu-drama, etc?


7.  What animal “speaks” to you most these days?  (Can be wild or domesticated, real or imaginary.)


8. Would you prefer to be happy, fulfilled or content in life?


9.  Are you any, or all, of the above?  Or none?


10. If your “future” self could reveal one detail about what’s ahead for you, what would you want to know?


11.  What one thing would you like to tell those of us reading this post today?



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