Reflections, Visions

“I Want it All…”

“I want it All…

I want it All…

I want it All…

And I want it NOW!”


“Here’s to the future…

to the dreams of you/youth.”

(Excerpts from the song “I Want it All” by Queen)

***   ***  ***

Stuck in my brain, on endless repeat, for three days now.  First thought upon waking each day, last thought before drifting off to sleep, playing over and over and over again through every moment of my timeless days…

I don’t even know if the lyrics are correct, at least the last line, and I remember nothing else from the song.  I’m sure the order is off because I can hear the music in my head, and there is an uncomfortable shift/gap between the lines.  But none of that matters.  It isn’t about what is “real” or right, but rather about what is obsessing me…

I was “gifted” with a piece of meteorite (much heavier than I would expect it to be), and found myself “called” to collect a small Lemurian Crystal.  The meteorite, when engaged, placed me in the center of a spinning gyroscope, with dimensional planes shifting around and through me.  I felt certain I had acquired a “key” between them, as well as a vehicle in which to “safely” experience these planar shifts…

When I combined the two in meditation, I met “Bekkah,” a young Pliadian.  Not extraordinary, not “special,” just young and open and full of eagerness.  This was her crystal, “programmed” not with data that might save or enlighten the world, but with her fondest hopes and dreams…

And in the background, I saw my Self, as multiple beings, existing across time (as evidenced by apparel, appearance, and accessories), all superimposed, one upon the other.  I thought at first that it was a chronicle of “past lives,” and some were familiar to me; others were new and unexpected, including both gender and species shifts.  But it came to me today, as it all played out behind my eyes again, that it was not a record of “past” lives, but rather concurrent ones.

I am All of these beings, simultaneously and without contradiction.  All are happening now.  And “I” am more simple and complex than even I had previously imagined…

Just something to think about…  😀


23 thoughts on ““I Want it All…”

  1. This fits well with my understanding that as mind beings we interact through time and space as “partials” who co-exist, blending, meshing or “bleshing” mind to mind. The Pleiadians are great at this “game” of mind “bleshing” as I’ve experienced in the past. Yes, we are much more than we give ourselves credit for, but that “much more” is severely restricted on this mind-prison planet, so we need to find very unorthodox ways to break free of Matrix control while here. Congratulations of your discovery, and may it be of help to you as you push through your own boundaries.

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    • Thanks, Sha’Tara for the support and validation! It was an “I” opening experience, to be sure. Or, perhaps “is” is more accurate. Lol! I find it fascinating how the “learning” of each informs the whole, allowing me to have these sudden leaps in understanding; epiphanies born of Other life experiences. And it gives an entirely new twist to the concept of the Otherhood of One…

      What I am “struggling with” now (quotations because I cannot determine an appropriate word, and this is as close as I can conceive now, though there is really no struggle involved), is how to function efficiently now in a world where boundaries are arbitrary, and “bleed through” is more frequent. The world in which I (Lisa) lives is breaking down around me, influenced more directly by Other data, making it difficult to maintain a sense of balance and connectedness to it. Is it even necessary to do so, or should I be embracing the rapid changes, and vague-ness of reality here to fully experience my Other selves, now that I am aware? (A question I’m asking myself, but not really requiring an answer…)

      Just a wonderful, magical, enlightening experience all around… Lovin’ it! 😀

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