Stepping into the river of time

Without a destination in mind

Can lead to the adventure

Of several lifetimes…

Not knowing when you might emerge

Much less where

Makes it very difficult to prepare.

Yet I do not hesitate…

Casting caution and good sense both

To the wayside

I wander in…

And wait…

To see what reveals itself.

How ironic, really…

Waiting on the river of time…

Always waiting…

But no longer wanting…

Or wandering.

Solid is my footing…

Loose is my grasp…

Curiosity my motivation…

Satisfaction brings me back.


Blessed is the life of a time traveler.

Blessed am I…



3 thoughts on “

  1. Interesting that this should publish, without my input or request. Last I knew, it was in my draft folder, a rough note jotted down on July 4th, 2017…

    Guess maybe it was time? Lol!


    • Thank you, Eddie, though I can hardly take credit for it. At least not all of it. I jotted down the words, but I never posted them… lol!

      At least not yet, perhaps… Or not this limited perspective version of me… Or… whatever. Something adventurous is at play here, I’m sure! ;D

      Liked by 1 person

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