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“Stream of Consciousness…”

I am teetering at the edge of an abyss,

but I do not worry about falling in.

I am standing in a room, watching, as the lights begin to flicker and fail.

Shadows creeping ever closer, my mind alert…

yet my heart no longer fears the coming darkness.

I am wandering through a dream, visiting with real friends,

when, suddenly, they start shouting gibberish at me…

I hesitate, confused, before shrugging and moving on,

understanding that this conversation no longer speaks to me…

I am walking alone in the woods, communing with the trees,

and suddenly realize that animals are now surrounding me.

My mind tells me to be cautious, for these are not domesticated wildlife,

but I cannot fathom them attacking me…

From whence arises such confidence?

To whom should I direct my gratitude?

For these very situations, not so long ago, would have sent me running,

seeking shelter, refuge, sanctuary

from others

who always let me down.

And I feel none of that today…

No fear of what lies before me in my path…

No anxiety or need to see (or know) what is happening all around me…

No concern for my own “safety” in this unknown world.

I trust…

Simply, and purely

I trust…

Whom or What hardly even matters anymore.

Until it does.

I guess I trust myself today…

To maneuver and adapt to wherever my path calls me…

To find my way through whatever darkness settles around me…

To comprenhend truth when it reveals itself to me…

To walk calmly among those seemingly so unlike me, knowing I mean no harm, and so expect none…

I trust myself to do the “right” thing,


and not just “right for me.”

If I have lingering resistance within me, it is this:


With those who insist they can be counted on to always do “what is right…

for them”.

A principle for which they offer sound advice, direction, and justification.

It sounds “good”

in theory…

but it still makes me uncomfortable.

know the Universe has my back; so I know I can proceed…

know that I have my own back; so I walk forward confidently.

And I know that the Universe,

and All it holds,

is Me.

I am Its equivalency!

So “doing right” is doing right

without conditionality…

without a conscious separating

of “mine” and “yours”

of “one” and “otherhood”.


No “true” duality…

No “real” plurality…

A stream of consciousness

spilling into a river of time

seeking a sea of potential

in an ocean of possibilities.

Deep sigh…

Behold the “Cauldron of Creation”

where I am both Stirrer and Slime,

and the Magick that makes it sublime…


11 thoughts on ““Stream of Consciousness…”

  1. An “ocean of possibilities” — the stuff dreams are made of….and sometimes, nightmares. Would that all of us could get past could get past the latter. That would indeed be “Magick,” but sadly beyond the abyss for many who suffer from PTSD and other mental distress.

    A very thoughtful and engaging poem.

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    • Often times it is impossible to distinguish the waking from the sleeping nightmares, but I believe they serve us in similar ways – to ennable us to confront and disempower our personal demons. The primary difference, it seems to me, is that the sleeping version (once we become aware of it as such), gives us instant access to the Wholeness that is us – including a nearly infinite collection of tools and perspectives. If we can process our distress there, we can then bring those same tools and perspectives to bear on our waking nightmares.

      As someone who has used this process to deal with my own traumatic memories and mental illness, I know it can work; the key word being (as always), “work.” But since I am neither the exception nor the rule, I cannot speak with certainty of its effects with others…

      A real pleasure to have you here, mistermuse! And thanks for wading into this stream of consciousness today…

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    • Lol! ‘Tis an adventure every day, these days, my friend! And yes, stirring the pot has become my go-to entertainment lately. As for the slime, it seems to be spreading, though it doesn’t frighten me in the same way anymore…

      It’s odd, really. I feel such a deep calm these days, such a deep confidence. Not the arrogance of my youthful days, or the certainty of my mental game, but a calm assurance that “I’ve got this,” whatever “this” becomes. It’s almost restful, if that makes any sense…

      I still fall prey to my little ego, of course, caught up in moments, but they are only moments. I have neither the desire nor the energy to drag them out. The “dreaminess” of all reality, the sudden nonsensical developments, the lack of an anchor previously provided by time… I wonder sometimes if I’m even still here anymore, or if I’ve passed on…? But then the thought fades as something intriguing catches my attention…

      I’m actually enjoying it all immensely!

      How goes things up north (and west)?


      • Reads like you are “moving on” and even learning to walk in detachment (which, by the way, is the opposite of not caring!). North and west… well, climate change has created a lot of “work” out of two extremes: wild fires and floods. I’ll be “on the road” again in a month, heading north into what is called “The Caribou Country,” into the wild fires area, with the MDS volunteer crews. I haven’t heard if the MDS’ers are looking at the flood damage from a couple of months ago in the Okanagan, but that’s probably at the organizational level at this time. Sometimes if you lost your home and had no insurance you can get a relatively “free” replacement home from these volunteer organizations, but it can take time. People live with relatives, or in holiday trailers… wherever they can survive the interim. I don’t do the office stuff, being what I call myself a “point and click” volunteer. I got the tools, the skills and the time, so… where do you want me? could well me my motto. Now then, aren’t you just tickled pink you asked…? 🙂 Take care o’ you!

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