Poetry, Reflections

“The Surface of ‘Things’…”

I find my self upon the ocean

far, far from land;

I cannot sense a hint of it,

even far, far beyond.

I’m floating on the surface of things

riding a raft of my own creation,

made up of pieces and parts –

tokens of my own broken past…

know there mustn’t be solid ground near

for no birds fly here,

not even the albatross who often follows me

with his self-destructive tendencies.

But the water is calm today, as am I,

the waves gently rocking…

I lay back, stare at the clear blue sky

and gently drift to sleep…

I dream…

Glancing over the edge of my make-shift raft

I see many glistening beings

swimming just below the surface –

a hint about those “things.”

My thoughts reach deeper still

to where the currents flow,

sensing potential danger (or enlightenment)

in the power of the undertow…

“Is this where tides begin?”

“And change?,” I’m wondering…

“Or merely the point of no return,

when whatever IS just drags you in?”

Deeper still the shadows grow

as even Light begins to hesitate;

“things” there are larger still

and frightening, perhaps, to contemplate…

Beneath them in the ocean’s depth

where Light completely fails,

blindness is a gift, protecting me

from what might be revealed.

But there…

Far, far from the surface,

where the greatest mysteries dwell…

That is where true Power lives…

and breathes…

in the most haunting “things” of All.

But floating on my make-shift raft

upon the surface of things

such power seems much too remote

to ever even touch me.

Until I wake…

To see those blue skies overrun

with storm clouds tall and threatening.

To hear the rumbling thunder

and watch the distant lightning.

To feel the swells begin to rise

as chaos stirs the surface.

To sense the instability

of my raft of broken memories.

Surprisingly, it is not Fear who comes to judge my progress…

Nor a desperate need to act.

Rather, the calm of the ocean I slept on

has strengthened its hold upon me.

And as the storm approaches,

I find my self… wondering…

just what I’ll choose to do

when this fragile raft I’m riding on

dumps me into the surrounding turmoil?…

Will I struggle to remain afloat?

Grabbing pieces of my broken raft,

renewing my commitment here and now

to staying on the surface?

Or will I let my little self go?

Sinking beneath the things

past the glistening beings

to the power far below?

Or maybe…

Perhaps, even…

If I trust my self enough…

You think?

One of those behemoths living in the deep…

Will slowly rise to meet (and greet) me.

And slipping gracefully beneath my feet,

will lift me up, just high enough…

for me to find my wings!

Freeing me at last

from the ocean’s clinging grasp

to fly far, far above

the ever present surface of…





2 thoughts on ““The Surface of ‘Things’…”

  1. Indeed we are now drowning in an ocean of things. Result: the more things, the more attachments; the more attachments, the more greed and fear of losing, hence our silent collusion with those who murder innocents in “resource” wars and finally, never a moment of peace, never any freedom: slavery to things. I have been going through an exercise in lucid dreaming developing a “thingless” life. It’s amazing how much we don’t need; what we can do without. Even more amazing is how readily “others” are willing to supply one’s needs if that one is truly and openly living the life of the self-empowered servant of all – no oxymoron here, no contradiction. Bottom line, either we serve our things and experience endless lack or we serve others and experience abundance in simplicity. That is a well-written and powerful “poem” Lisa. Thanks for sharing with the rest of us.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yes! This is certainly one level of interpretation. I find it amusing that I work in a store called “… Crafts & Things,” where we sell an awful lot of “things.” And I, being an avid collector of things, absolutely dread having to move because of those things. They just tend to multiply unchecked, if they are not closely monitored and regulated! (Sound familiar?) ;D

      I truly admire (and aspire to be like) those who can readily divest themselves of things. So far, such a skill has eluded me…

      “Bottom line, either we serve our things and experience endless lack or we serve others and experience abundance in simplicity.” I absolutly love this line, Sha’Tara! Brilliant!


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