The Shadow…

With the passing of the eclipse, the Shadow takes center stage…  What does your Shadow Self bring to the scene?

For me it is an understanding, hard to accept, one steeped in what I would have formerly named “negativity.”  Now I call it “reality.”  My reality.  My understanding.  My Shadow at work in the world I live…

Not everyone is worth saving, Lisa, and no one (other than yourself) is your responsibility…

Harsh words, I know, but true for me nonetheless.  And I had to follow my heart (my bleeding liberal, loving heart), to a distant place to find that truth within…

This past weekend I travelled to the Serpent Mound in southern Ohio to view the eclipse.  I wasn’t sure why I was there, but I knew I needed to be there.  Something terrible and tragic once occurred there (in my personal karmic history), and I was finally ready to face it.  But nothing in the work I’ve done prior prepared me for what I would discover during this pilgrimmage.  The “answers” I sought, the forgiveness I craved, was not a destination at all, but a journey.  Every moment of that experience counted, and momentum built, until the eclipse itself merely punctuated it.  Three days later the “truth” I uncovered begins to sink in…

People are… horrible!

Not everyone, of course; I recognize that.  But the vast majority of us are so focused upon ourselves that we cannot truly embrace others.  We cannot grasp our “true” place in the universe.  Even those “spiritually enlightened and evolved” ones I once counted as family are not free of destructive self-delusion.  I watched them desecrating sacred ground in pursuit of their enlightenment, each believing themselves to be an exception to the rules, because they were special or had “good” intentions.  Each displayed a shocking (to me) lack of respect, even when asked to “correct” their behavior.  “No, it’s ok,” they’d say in all sincerity.  “I’m just meditating here.  I’m not harming anything.”

Define “harm,” I’d think to myself…

I became unbearable to be around, as this “truth” started to seep out with my Shadow’s growing presence; so much so that my travelling companions needed to point it out.  “This isn’t really like you, to be so negative.  What’s going on with you?”


But I think it is me now.  At least for a while.  And it isn’t just me, either…

Since I’ve returned home, I’ve discovered other “always positive” folk taking “negative” stances.  A friend who manages to keep a light burning, no matter how many storms she encounters, telling me, “I’ve had enough, Lisa.  I’m too tired to care anymore.”  A fellow blogger I admire and follow, in part for her “silver lining” philosophy, saying, “Enough already!  I’m done playing by the rules of expectation!”  And myself writing poetry I don’t bother publishing because it adds nothing of value to the discussion; merely pointing out that “innocence” and “willful ignorance” are closer kin than I thought…

So, no…  I have no words of “hope” to say today.  I have no real faith in humanity today.  I believe we are on our own journeys now, more so than ever, and that we will find a way to evolve individually, or perish through our self-destructive efforts with the vast majority.  And I’m ok with that today.

There is power in the Shadow, but no true morality.  How you choose to direct that power is entirely up to you.  I wish you well on your journeys across the dark side of the moon, and genuinely look forward to meeting some of you again, when we reach the “other side”…



9 thoughts on “The Shadow…

  1. Hi Lisa.
    Thanks to WP I’ve met many good people like yourself, currently living in the USA and although a number of posts are from differing views of circumstances I find myself replying with the phrase ‘These are times which try the soul’ (Not quite the historical quote I know). And with the current crew ensconced in The Whitehouse I can understand that perfectly well; I have experienced it too.
    And being human we all come at the issue from various perspectives, directions, speeds, faiths,
    As I see it at its basics we are Life and Life endeavours to survive, even if that requires being dormant for a while. So sometimes we are at the low ebb because this is as much as we can manage.
    Yet, The Spring will return. Life will blossom again. The folk and the aspects which seem to hold what they misleadingly believe is power will pass, because they have little true control in this vast Cosmos. We are children of Creation, we will fade, but we will return.
    Deep Truth be known, even when we feel at our most wretched, forlorn and battered down, we are still free, because we belong to Creation, in all of the manifold glories.
    Take care and a wishing you a safe journey.

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    • Always hopeful, aren’t you, dear Roger… I admire that in you. 😀

      But then, you’ve done much Shadow work yourself recently, as I recall, both by indulging in and restraining your “rants.” That’s where I’m at today – a perpetual rant – even if not fully expressed. I am so disgusted by what I see… but speaking it aloud serves little purpose. Others can not or will not see how hateful and destructive they’ve become, how willfully resistant to change…

      And I count myself among them. I own my Shadow, recognize its power, and look for ways to use its unique skill set to improve my circumstance. For now is not a time to be passive, afraid, or “on the fence.” I do not need to lash out at others (most of the time), but neither do I need to continue wearing these tinted glasses that prevent me from seeing what truly is…

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  2. {I have no words of “hope” to say today. I have no real faith in humanity today. I believe we are on our own journeys now, more so than ever, and that we will find a way to evolve individually, or perish through our self-destructive efforts with the vast majority. And I’m ok with that today.}
    Echoes my thoughts of about 3 decades ago this life – I had then switched from evangelical “born again” Christianity to a more New Agey approach to spirit and mind work and gotten quite disillusioned with much of the silliness in newageyism (there’s a word for you!) and found myself at the edge of the 13th floor… when I discovered a new kind of enlightenment in self empowerment, realizing that all I have been taught about spirit and life was a massive lie designed to keep people in a permanent global illusion. I did a 180 degree turn from all that was considered right, proper, normal, in my “civilized” society and started walking an as yet unmarked path. When I looked back I noticed I left no footprints for anyone else to follow. Only then did I realize that was the right choice after all. You’ve taken the red pill, now welcome to life beyond the Matrix… Don’t expect it to be a cake walk, but then I think you know that, young Jedi.

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