Unquotable Quotes #23

If you truly stand against hatred, bigotry and divisiveness, why do you treat your “enemy” with such disdain, contempt and disrespect?

If you truly seek unity, why do you work so diligently (and loudly) at distancing yourself from those you disagree with?

If you truly seek peace today, why do you insist on fighting so hard?

Just curious, I guess…


7 thoughts on “Unquotable Quotes #23

  1. I wonder the same myself. I just read a letter Tolstoy wrote to Gandhi in 1908, and he wonders the same things and comes to the conclusion that only love and non-violent resistance can ever create effective change in this world. This is why I don’t like the tactics of the antifa groups because violence always begets violence and also it gives bad press to the non-violent protesters. A friend did remind me, though, that during WWII, we Americans were part of the antifascist allies who defeated the Nazis. So there is a lot to consider. I read articles from both sides, because I wish to transcend all sides, and evolve into oneness consciousness.

    There is a lot coming up to be cleared right now. I pray for the people who hate and for those who hate them. And I pray for the people of Houston right now. What times we live in. Time to learn to live sustainably, with love and compassion for one another, and remember we are one human family. And we must work together to survive.

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  2. All good existential questions. They have answers, not always easy, or what we want to hear. For example sometimes you do need to distance yourself from those you disagree with, in order to prevent escalation of conflict. The usual mistake at this point is to join up with those in opposition with whom you do agree, or mostly agree.

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