Poetry, Reflections, Visions

While Midnight Rules…

The winds of change come swirling…


Chaos rules the “ordered” world.

The Shadow revels in its power now

immune to your “morality”…

claiming time and space,

and “victims” unawakened.

“You have been warned…”

the Voices gently whisper.

“Lay no claim to ignorance,

silence your defiance…

embrace this new alliance…

in the name of seeking Balance.

Let go the fear,

the doubt…

Let go suspicion, too…

Lest each or any gain ground here,

and learn how to control you.

Discipline is your greatest asset…

As darkness dims the light,

so, too, does light illumine shadow,

becoming One, in shades of grey,

when Self takes hold the reins!

Define your own reality…

Identify your boundaries…

Defend your own immensity,

in this place of small infinities…”


Define your own reality!

In this time of immorality…

Embrace your immortality…

while midnight rules the psyche…



9 thoughts on “While Midnight Rules…

  1. Lisa, thanks for that insightful and beautifully expressed reflection ❤

    When the darkness of immorality "rules the psyche," we must indeed awaken to our inner strength – as individuals, communities, and a nation – to face our dark reality and define our way forward into the light of a better world for all.

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  2. I probably should have added, seeing as you speak of discipline, Lisa, if you have any “vision” on how to proceed through the rising chaos, i.e., on how to adapt to the changes without drowning in them? As a “groupie”; alone (how much alone?); by attacking (whom/what specifically?); non-violent non-cooperation (if so, in what way?) Just wondering. These are the questions put to me long ago, and in order to move on I had to, not only answer them, but demonstrate my answers in my day-to-day life. That led to divorce #2 (I wasn’t done yet with that either!) What your poem proposes is extremely costly in every way and the payback can take years, even decades, to appear. But when it does… look out world, you no longer have any hold on me! “Holds” are fears. Long ago I memorized the Bene Gesserit mantra against fear by Frank Herbert: “Fear is the mind killer. It is the little death. I will face my fear. I will let it pass over me, and through me, and when it has done so, only I will be standing here.” Powerful “meditation” that.

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    • Umm… I just typed up a long response to this, answering your questions in detail. But before I could finish, it all simply disappeared from my screen. I thought it accidentally published before I was done, but instead it appears to have been lost in the internet aethers. Given that, I will simply say, for now…

      Powerful meditation that, indeed! And…

      This poem is not what I intended to write today, as my original post was more direct, clear and focused toward a specific audience, which may, or may not, have included some of my regular readers. However, what actually came out was this cryptic (yet detailed) version requiring interpretation. And I will add this: the answers are in there, even if I do not spell them out…

      Ok, shadow… may I publish this version, at least? Lol!

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  3. That comment made it. I’ve lost over a half-dozen comments in the last week – they just vanish, and nary a trace… !?!?!? So far I blame the sync, or lack thereof between my cell phone, tablet and netbooks, also the fact that I work with 2 Android OS, one Linus/Ubuntu and one Windows 10 (soon, I hope, to be converted to Linux also. Then I’ll only have to work between the Androids and Ubuntu…) Anyway, the loss of comments is actually a good thing – it’s a challenge to remember what I wrote, and it’s often a relief to realize I get a chance to say something in a better way. Bedtime here, LOL.


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