“Where have you been?!”…

…someone recently asked me.  “What have you been up to?  I never hear from you anymore!  Anything new happening?”

I thought about those questions, and my responses…  and then I laughed out loud.  Literally!

Because the answers are obvious… yet irrelevant.

I’m here, where I’ve always been; locked into my own consciousness and its journey, wherever that leads me…

I’m up to no good… but no bad, either.  Judgment has deserted me.  But I happen to think that’s a good thing…

You never hear from me because I have nothing to say that may be of interest to you.  Truth is, most of my revelations lately have been of an entirely personal nature; as in relating to the day-to-day me about day-to-day things.  And while I’ve certainly followed some interesting blogs/stories about those very things (and consider my own to be in a similar genre), the fact is that I try to restrict my personal musings to topics that might reflect others’ discoveries.  So, sharing my work issues, or finances, or other completely self-oriented stories seems a little “off topic” for me, unless they reveal something more universal underneath…

As to what’s “new”?  How about everything… and yet nothing!

What about active timeline shifts; do they count?  Because they have become much more obvious lately, and downright transparent!  How do I know this (aside from my own experiences of them)?  Because I see the looks in peoples’ eyes when I casually throw out a remark about “just another timeline shift…”  They used to have that cautious, knowing “uh oh, here we go again” look in their eyes.  Then it became the “deer in the headlight” look.  Now it’s a shrug, and a nod, and an “oh, good… if that’s all(?)” kind of look I get.  Is there any more to say to that?

Today I read a one line blog post from someone I’ve followed for a couple of years; she’s been a “reliable” source for me, keeping me abreast of what’s happening outside my limited field of vision.  The post said, essentially, that this reality is all fake…  That’s it.  A simple, but important reminder…

I then went on to read other posts, from her and other people, scrolling through my email from most recent to older ones I hadn’t read yet.  I was intrigued to find at least two other posts from her directly contradicting former positions she’d held!  I had to re-read them a couple times to make sure I hadn’t misunderstood.  But no…  The words were there, black on white, perfectly understandable, yet completely foreign coming from her…

I went on to read other people, discovering post after post contradicting what I believed to be true…  I was bewildered, to say the least!

Then I remembered the first thing I’d read, which was actually the last thing that had been written: everything in this reality is fake…

And I laughed.  What else can you do?  It’s just another timeline shift…

And maybe I do have have something to share after all…

*shrugging as I walk away…*




One thought on ““Where have you been?!”…

  1. Hi Lisa… I really like this post of yours. Fun to ruminate on. Now, call me dense, but you’ll have to explain what you mean by “timeline shift.” Does not compute at the moment.
    Challenge for you (was mine once!) If this reality is fake, doesn’t it follow that ALL realities are equally fake, that there can be no “real” reality? Then why would we call it a “reality” if it isn’t? One of the Teachers, it was YLea actually, told me to concentrate on these words: if you can think it, image it, imagine it, say it, write it, hear it, see it, taste it, etc., then there can be but one conclusion: “IT” EXISTS. Therefore if it exists, then it’s in some reality, and all realities by definition, have to be real.
    I think that the time-constrained mind finds it difficult to deal with strings of endless realities at the same time, many simply contradicting others, and instead of training itself to deal with it, chooses to “eliminate” those that don’t fit the preconceived mind-box. For example, the “adult” mind does not see Bugs Bunny as a real character but the child mind does. I won’t make a judgment here on which is more appropriate: whether we should believe Bugs is real, or just a cartoon character, because according to YLea’s theory Bugs Bunny is real. Why not accept all realities as real, however much one may contradict the other? Bugs always wins; Wile E Coyote always loses, yet they never quit. Isn’t that the way it is in “real” life? The elites/rich always win; we the peons (pee on’s) always lose, yet do we quit? No, we play the game as best we can, and though many quit (die young for one reason or another) as a group, the non-elites, the Wile E’s, never quit. Point? We are as much the cartoon reality as this other reality we think is real, or fake, or both, or neither… Conclusion? We are thinking, reasoning creatures.
    How do we acquire knowledge? By eliminating all the stuff that doesn’t fit our programmed, or preconceived concepts? Or by accepting all input as “real” and allowing it to mix in our mind and from that mix, create new ideas and concepts? An autistic person isn’t confused, as we are. They automatically “know” right from wrong by eliminating all the “wrong” and keeping only the “right” – so one of them may be able to memorize a phone book, or add and subtract like an adding machine, but sadly, they can’t make that autonomous function perform useful tasks in this society because for us there is a lot of “rounding off” and guess work, trial and error, and finally, if we allow ourselves the freedom to think, there is flow, whether the water is clear or murky, we understand… flow. For the autistic, or programmed/controlled mind, there is only clear water. If it is murky, it does not exist.


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