Dis-gusted…       Dis-eased…     Dis-gruntled…     Dis-empowered…     Dis-placed…     Dis-enfranchised…   Dis-pleased…     Dis-traught…     Dis(orDys)-functional…    Dis-interested…     Dis-obedient…     Dis-approve…     Dis-entangled…     Dis-like…     Dis-advantaged…     Dis-believing…     Dis-ordered…    Dis-affected…   Dis-agree…  Dis-assembling…     Dis-aster…     Dis-allowed…     Dis-associated…     Dis-abused!

Anyone else feeling “dis-sed” these days?


14 thoughts on “Dis-Engaged…

  1. A fun one, Lisa. Not dis-appointed, or dis-contented? Not so bad. Just overall dis-combubilated, huh? Well, “that” happens. I was looking up the source of the slang word, diss, and got this from the urban dictionary: “a tiny market city in Norfolk inhabited mainly by the elderly and chavs.” Of course that led to a search for a definition of “chavs” which is basically, “a pejorative epithet used in Britain to describe a particular stereotype of anti-social youth dressed in sportswear.” Should I quit while I’m ahead?

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    • Actually, this is very helpful, as I had no idea where it came from. So basically we’re talking about distasteful, disrespecting youth. Thank you! I would hate to be accused of spreading disinformation…

      Somehow word play makes me happy, distancing me from so many disturbing things. Lol!


      • How dis-couraging that you should dis-cover this dis-proportion. But I cannot say I am dis-pleased by it, because I’m laughing too hard. And it has been a dis-turbing day… lol!

        I’m thinking of trying out “mis”sed words tomorrow, just to see where it leads, but that might be a mis-guided attempt to dis-tract me from today’s dis-asters…


    • Hi Sha’ Tara.
      Sounds like the complier has a ‘thing’ about Diss in Norfolk. It’s a small average town.
      The origin of diss in the UK comes from showing someone dis-respect, which apparently amongst some in our Youth Culture can be anything they choose it to be.
      Chav stands for Council House and Violent and normally references kids from big run-down urban sites in big urban sprawls. It had it’s hey-day back in the last decade.
      OK , I’m done geek-ing

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