Meditation: A Magical Reset?

There is a moment in every day, when I crawl deep within my Self, to a place untouched…  A refuge, where the horrors of the outside world cannot reach…  A pleasant pause, when the terrors of my own physicality do not stalk me…  I am completely content, pain-free, at peace…

A soft buzzing fills my ears, muffling the silent screams of every heart grasping for relief.  A glowing warmth envelops me, staving off the constant chill of foreboding.  Tears slide joyfully down my cheeks, cleansing my spirit in the way only they can.  And I am free…  Completely…

For a moment, every day…

And then the tide shifts, and it All comes rushing in, yanking me back into the world again, as the wave recedes.

Sound returns with a shout and a roar, as Life cries out to be heard, demanding… something… recognition, answers, or succor?

Goosebumps rise as the everpresent sense of dread washes over me once more…

And then the pain flares up, like random flames, reminding me that my body still lives in a world ruled by Time…

I wonder if that peaceful moment, that blessed meditative state, even occurred?

And the answer is?  It doesn’t matter.  I had the experience; I knew it to be true.  And so it was…

So the only question that remains then is: is it enough?  Can the memory of that moment get me through this day?

And the only answer that matters is: of course it will!  Because it must!

I am who I am once more, re-armored, re-armed and re-set.  An’other day begins for this warrior-ess…


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