Poetry, Reflections

“The Pillar…”

A pillar stands before me –

plain, white stone.

Unremarkable in every way,

except for the attention it has drawn.

No markings, no decorations,

not holding anything up;

just standing there, alone,

upon an unremarkable bluff.

I can see the top, easily enough.

I can wrap my arms around it.

But when I try to move it,

the pillar does not budge.

I count this as significant,

the only thing it does –

standing like a pillar

upon a lonely bluff…


8 thoughts on ““The Pillar…”

    • There is something about that image, isn’t there? It kind of draws you in, compels you to investigate, leads you to explore the “what, why, who” kind of questions. And yet the simplicity of it refutes any attempt to analyze, explain or justify its existence…

      Enigmatic is a good word for it. Thank you…

      Liked by 1 person

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