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Whale Song…

Today, during my meditation, I heard the song of whales somewhere far from me.  The sound so melancholy, with sorrow lining every lengthened tone.  And yet there was a sweetness to the song that touched me deeply, too, as though even in their suffering they found something that seemed worthwhile…

The notes appealed to my bat technology, bringing peace with every tear I cried in empathy.  And I knew bliss in a whole new way.  For this was not the manic excitement, the barely contained joy demanding release, but a quiet sense of something “right” not all that far from me…

And even now the voices sing, echoing deep within my mind, flooding me with blessed relief.  It was (and is) what I often refer to as a “perfect moment,” and it strengthened me.  I sense the sound, feel it in every fiber of my being, and know that it will serve as armor as I step out to face the world today…

It is worth savoring…

And so I choose to share it, too, with those who need a perfect moment as much as I do.  I’m sharing it with you…

Peace, my friends, and blessings too.  May today bring to you exactly what you need to carry on…  😀


11 thoughts on “Whale Song…

  1. Ah well, quite a contrast with “The Chill” of today! Some would call that the balancing act… I’ve always found the call of the whales disturbing and sad beyond expression. Such an old song. Billions of years ago, creatures akin to earth’s small whales there were “whales” on my world of Tiamat, a super-large watery planet that existed in this solar system. Myself, my people, who were what Earthian call “Mermaids” lived in its waters and were friends of the whales. We communicated naturally with those creatures then. Though we were different species, we were equals in the great seas of Tiamat. Then came the planetary wars and Tiamat was destroyed… I still can hear the cries of distress from my people and from the whales as they were flung out into space to die… That was another great horror committed by the Time Lords’ minions and remains a score that the free people have yet to settle. Billions of years and some days it’s like yesterday.

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    • Interesting story; thank you for sharing it. One of the drafts I found in my folder here (the WordPress version of the Book of Other) was this:

      “… the land of legs cannot support my mermaid’s tail.  For fishes cannot long endure outside the water, and air-breathers cannot long survive beneath the surface of the sea.  And it is this dichotomy that has always haunted me…”

      I wonder if the two stories/times are connected…?


      • To your question, do you not “feel” that everything is indeed connected? We experience gaps and disconnectedness mostly because (and I have no idea why) we can’t seem to relate our “out of body” times with our earthly (physical) incarnation times. It’s like we are being robbed of something precious. As if we were kept in solitary for the duration between incarnations. Some day I swear I’m going to find out what is going on in those in-between dead zones.
        BTW, the mermaids, actually mer people of Tiamat were not fish, and we did not have fish tails!!! We were bipedal humanoid creatures who could stay under water for long periods of time but had to come up for air. What made it look as if we had a long “tail” was that we had growths on the inside of our elongated legs so we could lock them together when swimming. We also had long feet and were semipalmated of both toes and fingers. We had hard skin extensions on the arms that we used to push water, like blades or paddles.
        We were long creatures, between twelve to sixteen feet in length from what I have figured out. We had very long, coarse hair, pale grey to dark green or almost black and our skins also varied in shade from pale to quite dark. We didn’t do well on land but we could come up out of the water and wander on shores. Females gave birth on land, usually but not always. Males watched over their females when they were birthing. As for facial looks, with our round seal-like eyes and prominent sharp teeth you would not have thought us either beautiful or friendly. We did not possess actual spoken languages as do earth people. We had very loud calls that carried through waters over very long distances, somewhat akin to those of whales. We too could “whale sing” our ways through the seas.
        There… a bit of ancient lore, some 4 billion years ancient…


      • Thank you for the history lesson. Truly fascinating stuff! As you describe your “people” I can see them in my mind’s eye. What a wonderful addition to the “catalog” of Life, intelligent beings so different from us, and yet, similar enough to relate to…

        As for that disconnect you mention – yes! The feeling of losing something precious…


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