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There is a woman in the distance, who sometimes appears to me.  And though I do not know her, she seems remarkably familiar.  Always standing far away, passing my periphery, I have never yet succeeded in getting her to speak to me…

These last few days, she reappeared, standing to the side.  Watching, but not speaking, interested but not engaged in what is happening to me.  I’ve reached out, repeatedly, seeking counsel from this source, suspecting she is from a timeline I haven’t yet explored.  Everything about her manner suggests her time is not mine yet, and that is precisely why she avoids direct contact…

But with this sense of something looming, and the messages of gathering memories not yet lived, her presence reinforces the convergence of something big.  Time collapsing in upon itself, veils being lifted, glimpses of both past and future residing side by side…

Am I obsessed?  Of course I am!  Driven to understand.  Looking for a reasonable means to end this pointless charade.  Time may own the arena, but time-less are the actors who create the staged production.  And using time to cast the changes is only as productive as the goal that frames and guides the changers…


Today, in that Other Space, pulled there without conscious intent, the maiden made a point of brushing by.  Close enough to touch my arm gently, as she pushed me carefully aside, she whispered softly as she did so, planting this message in my mind:

The urge to speak is strong now, the need felt urgently.  But Silence is our ally, so please just wait and see…

And just like that, she was gone again, as though she never existed at all.  And I was here, where I belong, waiting impatiently…


25 thoughts on ““Shhh…”

  1. rawgod says:

    Hi Lisa,
    Maybe the point is to stop wanting so much. I suggest this only as one possibility. You want the kettle to boil so badly it cannot do it without you watching, Her slide-by comment suggests a need for looking the other way, a misdirection. Could be that someone else is listening in, and this woman does not want to be overheard. Maybe you could try plunging yourself into the water you are trying to boil. Immerse yourself in something so that she can slip in between the bubbles when you aren’t looking.
    Often, the best way to get what you want is to give up wanting it.
    As I said, only a suggestion…

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    • Yes, I see your point here. And it’s true. I have found that often times the only way out of a confusing situation is to move deeper into it. Your suggestion seems like the same kind of logic. 😀


      • rawgod says:

        Same kind of logic, but possibly different sides of the same coin. At times it works to concentrate fully on something else. Other times, as you say, it can help to, as you say, move deeper into o it, to embrace it as fully as you can. My question is always, which to use when.

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  2. Sometimes those “Others” (or “partials” in my case) say the strangest things. The fun is unravelling what they really mean. Forget the words, look into the shadows. In this case, what is silence? What constitutes an ally? Does silence mean contemplation, or hiding from? Positive or negative stand by? Ally of what, or whom. Do you feel a need for an ally in something going on, or pending? In my world everything is “Zen” – nothing ever means what it says, nothing is what it is. The final statement at the bottom is, “When none of it matters it will all be yours.” To which I replied… and will I be prepared to accept it as such? Which led me to develop my own concept of self empowerment. Imagine everything you once cared about that you no longer care about now being your responsibility. “Your” responsibility, no one else’s and no possibility of sharing that responsibility.

    So, what is your Shadow Maiden saying to you (and no one else!)?

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    • As it turns out, I just found out my oldest friends’ (my other sister and her ex’s) daughter is now among the “missing.” Last seen Friday night at a local bus stop. Police are involved in the search…

      Talk about a chill…

      While I do not believe this message is restricted to this event, I know it is a warning to me about it. I am an empath, not a psychic, so I cannot pinpoint the young woman’s location. But I have a very strong feeling about her disappearance.

      Still, it is not my place to suggest anything that might distract or derail the investigation, merely based on my feelings. And silence is essential here, because, given my history with this couple, my suggestions will carry some weight with the parents. I cannot (or will not) do that…

      But it is worth noting that my impression of events carries with it my own memories from that time in this life, hence the sense of timelines collapsing in upon themselves…

      Such is the “literal” interpretation of the message, but I sense a larger, perhaps more esoteric one at play that I have not yet deciphered. And I believe this “crisis” is but one (perhaps the first) in a series of events that will have much bigger consequences. It hit close to my “home,” so to speak, so the epicenter of this storm (in my life) begins (and moves) with me. No longer preparing for what will be, but navigating carefully through what now is…


  3. ‘There are more things in Heaven and Earth…’ as Hamlet says.
    We have slender grasps and understandings of the myriad of realities which form the Universe and much less our own minds (some postulate we will still not understand the Mind even after we have learned everything else).
    I suggest, Lisa, in the constant activity within and around us all manner of events and actions take place.
    ‘Please just wait and see’ reads as sound advice to me….
    Best wishes

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  4. Lisa, sorry to hear about your missing relative, I pray they are safe now?
    Your ‘visitor’ does not sound like a regular guide to me, more like a stuck energy/soul. Please be careful, light white candles, cleanse with safe and take a salt bath. If you like I will take a look in and see. Her words may not be what you think they mean. I dont mean to scare, just have many years experience with this sort of stuff, send love to her, dont show anything else. ❤ xx
    p.s i used to have a satin mrs. clause outfit like that 😉 lolol xx

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    • Hmm… I would be surprised if she was harmful to me, as she exists in the safest place I know – the Center, the Source of all “me’s” everywhere and everywhen. However, I will not discount your instincts, especially as there is another (seemingly male) entity who has been showing up in the oddest places. Not my Center, but in my meditations and dreams definitely. I do not recognize him, and I find his appearance off-putting, as everytime I see him, his face appears to be in flux, almost like its melting. I am not afraid, but I am cautious, as he refuses to communicate beyond showing up, “melting,” and then reappearing elsewhere. It’s weird…

      That being said, I truly appreciate your concern and welcome any insights you feel compelled to offer…

      Much love, Maria, and true friendship offered to you from me. ❤


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