PSA: No, I’m not ignoring you…

Just a quick note to let those of you I regularly follow know that I have been trying to interact. I receive your posts via email and read them when I can. But lately WordPress has blocked me from interacting; every time I try to “like” or comment on something, it asks me to log in and then rejects my password. The same happens when trying to respond to comments on my own blog.

I will try to figure it out eventually, though right now is not the time. I just wanted you to know that I’m still here and still reading you when I can… 😁


17 thoughts on “PSA: No, I’m not ignoring you…

    • Yes! It’s only since I got my new phone. I can post new posts on the mobile app, and occasionally respond to comments through my notifications on the mobile app, but not through the reader or through email. And since I’m on the run all the time now, trying to squeeze in time during short breaks at work…

      Well, hopefully I can figure it out after retail hell ends. Lol! Thanks for the validation, Jazz!


  1. Ah… settings, settings, settings. I noticed that each time either Microsuck or Android do updates, many of my custom settings revert back to default. That sync thing is handy but big bad M and big bad A don’t always agree, kind of like the US and Russia playing roulette with each other’s erections… oops, mean elections.

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    • I hope you are as well, Gary. If I can’t figure it out in time, I will try them. Assuming I can reach them, of course. But I have one more 12 hour day to get through at work before I can even start meddling with it. Then we shall see…

      After all, this whole problem might just be Me disciplining me, so I can focus on work, which is most definitely where I don’t want to be right now… lol!


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