Poetry, Reflections

These are the reasons…

When I stop to question why I bother to survive

in a world hell-bent on destruction and dying

I realize…

I don’t have to travel far

to see the smiles or feel the scars

to ride the highs of excitement and joy

or wallow in the depths of disappointment and sorrow.

For all around me are excuses to be

whatever we want or expect to become:

the rich, the poor, the sickly and well

the humble, the prideful, the angry and lustful.

And whether or not I agree with their choices

I acknowledge their right to choose.


Looking into the “eyes” that surround me

wherever the place, whatever the time

I accept

These are the reasons for all of the seasons

Life to be lived without rhyme or reason.


16 thoughts on “These are the reasons…

  1. Quote: “These are the reasons for all of the seasons Life to be lived without rhyme or reason.”
    Ah, erm, hmmm… however I look at that, I simply cannot agree. Life without rhyme or reason to me would be meaningless; unworthy to be experienced and rejected outright by any evolved human being. If it goes into the ‘without rhyme or reason’ for me, all that means is, I’ve given up on ever serving a purpose. It would mean I’ve given up on my Teachers and the years of mental training and evolution; the travels to more advanced worlds and civilizations to learn and to gather tools whereby Earth itself, if in distant times, can be rendered a suitable habitat for normal (non-violent, non-predatory) human beings, our mutant future progeny.
    If I missed the point you are making, I do apologize and stand to be corrected.

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    • I’m not sure you missed the point at all, Sha’Tara. Lol! I was sitting here focused on getting through the moment ahead of me, and trying not to look too far beyond it. This last season really whooped my butt, and I’m not feeling very evolved or full of purpose. I’ve been in survivor mode for what seems like forever ( though it’s probably only been for a month), and was looking for an excuse to keep putting one foot in front of the other.

      Your disagreement is duly noted and respected. 🙂

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    • You know, it finally dawned on me what part you might have “missed” – the bad word play at the end. All through the poem “reason” has meant excuse, justification, etc., but in the last line it refers to rationality and/or sense-making.

      As in life is choppy, unpredictable, often jarring and disturbing (no rhythm), and makes no sense at all. Especially people; they are downright baffling sometimes. Lol!


      • OK, I see what you mean (I think!) You would be strictly the observer, not putting any personal “touch” upon what you are observing, not categorizing, not pigeonholing, not judging. Not imposing “rhyme” or “reason” to the movement of humanity passing your senses. That’s… uh… pretty awesome in terms of humility and detachment.

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      • And yet, oh so necessary these days. My heart and mind can’t stand any other approach; I am exhausted! Lol! But still, a good thing in the end if it helps me to let go of those remaining expectations and disappointments.


  2. I read your poem and being an EMPATH, like you, I know exactly how you feel.
    I’ve been told that what I write isn’t poetry, it doesn’t follow the rules and so doesn’t make any sense.
    No one can stop me calling it Rhyme in writing or Heart-felt Afflatus.
    And I include the words, Rhyme and reason a lot on my posts.

    Sanctuary, my heart’s been weeping
    Melancholy feelings deepening
    Perish the thought of public speaking
    In verse my communications lies.

    Poetic licence aids my writing
    As poetic justice finds a spark igniting
    Facets of my mind vocabulary delighting
    In the spoken word my Fearful SOUL Denies.

    So, going with the flow of the status quo
    While limiting the friction caused by undercurrents’ tow
    Key anchors help to stop the torrent of destruction’s blow
    Mind’s buoyancy accomplished feels the ebbing of each foe.

    Lots of love
    Sibyl X

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    • Beautifully said, Sibyl! I’ve never been much of a subscriber to rules when it comes to writing, and it clearly shows. I make up my own words when my vocabulary lacks the exact one I want. I use punctuation to re-create the spoken sounds in my mind, rather than their traditional forms. And I recognize poetic prose as a form of poetry, even if it doesn’t follow the usual patterns. It’s all about how it feels when I write it, and does the written version capture that feeling as accurately as possible?

      That being said…

      Here’s hoping the mood lightens for both of us in the days ahead. Carrying so much emotional weight around is making me seriously dislike gravity… lol! (Pun intended)


      • I’d like to comment on your reference to the seasons and why there seems no rhyme or reason as to why I should dread the coming of winter. Then Christmas day comes and all goes well, and I’m glad I entered into the Thanks Giving Spirit. I sigh with releaf and always look forward to the New-Year and the promise of Spring.
        I’m 76 next week and my husband is 79.
        After many years of having neighbourly parties this year we enjoyed a peace & quiet restful new beginning.
        He is a Winter and morning personality, and I am a Spring, SUMMER and afternoon personality, otherwise I’m SAD.
        Sibyl X


      • I seem to have been given the time to add that I am also a positive person and always able to appreciate all kind thoughts and gestures and Victories. My husband is a ‘positive negative’ person who, at this moment in old-age time, can only see his next (paranoid) obstacle and feel miserably overwhelmed and powerless.
        Lots of Love
        Sibyl X

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      • Now I’m worried that you might misunderstand what I’ve said and take it personally, because I/we don’t want to hurt anybody.
        So, I might as well say, you have such a Beautiful Nature as well as being a Positive, daytime and Spring personality.
        Lots of Love
        Sibyl X

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