Happy New Year…? Really?!

Am I the only one who feels reluctance to voice those words this year? Am I the only one who believes that uttering such sentiments is tantamount to inviting people to indulge in fantasy while abandoning reality?

I mean, it’s not that I don’t want good things to happen to people, because I certainly do. It’s more that I sense that such “good things” as health, prosperity and peace are unattainable at this time. And while it’s true that I said the obligatory greetings at midnight between December 31st and January 1st, even I could not miss the sarcasm or irony in my tone as I did so.

I have avoided posting (or responding to) Facebook greetings about the new year for the most part. And when I felt it was necessary, I have acknowledged them with “likes” rather than reciprocity; anything more would feel too insincere. It just doesn’t seem like a happy new year…

I don’t know. Maybe it’s just my innate honesty coming out. I’m not depressed, nor do I wish to trigger others’ anxieties, but all of my instincts rail against the false hope implied in that traditional greeting.

***. ***. ***

I avoid the news. I’ve cut myself off from anyone’s supposedly factual presentation of “what’s happening now.” I did so because… well, I guess if I have to explain why, then you likely would disagree with my reasoning, so never mind. The point is, when I feel compelled to investigate “what’s happening out there (as opposed to in here),” I tend to read opinion pieces instead. At least they’re honest about being opinions (mostly), and if I read enough opposing opinions, I can sometimes get a sense of what “facts” might have triggered them, somewhere in between their interpretations of events.

So today I got up early enough to read several such opposing opinions, and thought now might be a good time to catch up on the world my body is inhabiting.

I think that might have been a mistake…

Because I’m truly not sure what reality I tagged into. And I’m not convinced anyone else I read knows either, though they don’t seem at all concerned with their skewed points of view. I just couldn’t make sense of anything I read!

There were the Earth-friendly writers (usually liberal leaning, if not outright left wing extremists) touting Trump as the destroyer of the Cabal…?! Umm… is this the same Trump who’s been on a direct “destroy the environment to eke out a few more pennies of profit” kick for decades?

Or the self-declared leftist revolutionaries questioning why openly right wing conservatives are mysteriously dying, supporting the alt-right’s declaration of conspiracies against them…?! Umm… really?!

There are the Evangelicals finally admitting that their Bible prophesies a non-believer who would become king, restoring their patriarchal, authoritarian rule of law…?! “Of course Trump is a non-believer, but we wouldn’t want him any other way! Only a non-believer could support our [ridiculous, restrictive, murderous] agenda!”

There are high-ranking (former) military and government officials openly, and publicly, calling on our military to stage a coup, while our rank and file members turn out in droves (against military rules) in Trump supporting paraphernalia, appearing to be his greatest fans…! All while not getting paid?! Really?!

And then there’s the truly delusional ones. You know the hype. “We’ve finally turned the corner! So many people have evolved enough that true peace is right around the corner!” Really? Where?

Meanwhile, in my city, there were three murders already, before New Year’s Day was officially over – a shooting, a stabbing, and a home invasion resulting in a fatality (home dweller, not thief, of course). And these are all “poor on poor” crimes, regardless of color, religion, immigration status, or sexual orientation…

I don’t know… Maybe I am depressed after all. But “happy new year”?



22 thoughts on “Happy New Year…? Really?!

  1. Well Lisa, you are always the optimist. You just have to get on the drugs earlier in the day!

    Tubularsock takes just a little bit different tact on this issue.

    First there is nothing “new” in a new year.

    Last year had 365 days, this year has 365 days. Ad nauseam

    Christmas super sales start right after Christmas as in all years. Ad nauseam

    Better get ready for Thanksgiving, we’re headed for a “new one”. Ad nauseam

    Trump hasn’t transformed into intelligence needing still to be flushed. Ad nauseam

    Tubularsock seems to be feeling a little nauseous.

    The Evangelicals STILL haven’t recognized that Tubularsock IS THE SAVIOR.

    So much to do, so little time.

    Of course, all that being said what we each really do have to remember is this ONE FACT.



    Your friend Tube

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  2. Good that someone reads a variety of opinions and nets ’em down like this – I do not have the stomach for politics. I like to think my stance helps balance the planet to some degree. No good for the collective if we ALL are ALL THE TIME fraught with anger and bent on “overcoming”. Yet it IS good to question the decisions being made for less-than-overall benefit. So many of them!!
    I look for things that seem “right” for the majority – and celebrate those. Rare is the day I cannot find something to be glad about, albeit surrounded by the muck.

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    • I applaud you and encourage you to keep on being you, Jazz! We definitely need that positive vibe. I usually AM the optimist, as Tube points out, but I’m just not feeling it these days. So thank you for offering up some counter-balance to my negativity today. I truly do appreciate it! 😁

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  3. I have hardly wished anyone a HNY who didn’t offer me one first. This whole holiday season, except in very specific circumstances, all I have really done is react, out of politeness. And even then, many others who wished me well I just gruntedto, or remained silent. I am not totally in the same mood as you, but there is a lot of you in me. Why bother!
    The thing is, I am like this every year tosome point. I couldn’t care less is January 1st fell at the start of the year,or somewhere in the middle. Of if September 23rd was the first day of the year–it’s all as arbitrary ay xmas day, or groundhog day. TSock says it’s just another year, I say it’s just another day–big *@ deal,
    But you have probably missed out on by newest name for DJT: Trumpmandias, as in Ozymandias. Whatever kind of wall he gets, in a few hundred years it will just be an oddity running along the Rio Grange, rusted, sand-blown, costing billions of American dollars, with no significance of any kind. “Look upon my wall, you mighty, and despair entering your poor ass into my classy white empire!” And nothing else will remain…

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  4. Sometimes, as you say, we have to say the HNY. It’s expected though nothing is really expected from the actual meaning. I have said it about a dozen times, and to some people whom I know, and they know me, I responded with, ‘Well, OK, happy new year… and let’s see how long the happiness lasts.’ (Not a terribly popular response.)
    The only thing I find to be happy about (not just in this new year start) is that I’ve been pushing myself more and more towards forcing myself to change all the things of ‘me’ I do not like or intensely dislike, no matter how good it feels to indulge them. I like that this obsession is having a serious effect; that the change is happening. It’s all about me now… sounds incredibly selfish, doesn’t it? But one can be compassionately selfish – driven even – or one can be a Donald Trump. We’re both totally selfish but I’m running in the opposite direction. What he works so hard at building around himself, I work equally hard at tearing down within myself.

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    • That sounds like a healthy, hopeful use of your time and energy, Sha’Tara. Any self-work usually brings immense rewards which then filter out to others in the form of a better me. At least I have found that to be true. And these days that’s pretty much where my focus has been as well. Got to get our own houses in order first, right?

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  5. I do not want to interfere with what you ladies are doing, but if you get stuck anywhere in your renovations, I might be able to help. I went through this kind of process in about 1984 (the year of Big Brother) and I may have some tips. Better to do it your own way first, of course, but in case you need back-up…

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  6. Dear Lisa, I wasn’t going to say anything on this post because your many friends have already lovingly done so. I find that I can’t for my own peace of mind.
    I totally agree that melancholia,s trapped feelings need an outlet, in the vain hope it will get rid of them, and It’s essential to do so. That’s why we have, strategically placed, Goodwill time-warps’ opportunities to change the atmosphere that we breath in & out, so we Spirited Beings are Never Beaten by the negative dominating circumstances that would otherwise succeed in destroying our Lovely Natures.
    (It’s happened to others who have been left feeling bitter and are causing problems for Empaths.)
    I feel very tired these days and didn’t feel the need to stay up to let the Very Welcome New Year in.
    I wish you light in the dark recesses of your subconscious Dark-Night of the SOUL.
    We change what we can and Love those who are dear to us and leave the rest to posterity.
    I drink a toast to Family & All Friends, and I Believe in Goodwill hunting.
    Lots of Love
    Sibyl X

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  7. Key Anchors help to stop the Anguish ego-less people know
    Mind’s buoyancy accomplished feels the ebbing of each foe.

    Dear free-thinking Lisa
    Do you know you don’t have an ego to protect you against your own and inherited emotional feelings and anxieties, as well as negative, burdensome energy in general etc. = Being without an ego is an Empath’s POWERFUL tool, especially when harnessed to a Superego Guide, like I am.
    Egos (maternal ego &/or paternal alter ego) fight fair & fowl on behalf of it’s/their Survival even when it/their human-being no longer has a conscious thinking mind.

    Lots of Love came from your ancestors too
    Sibyl X


  8. Bipolar is a dreadful condition to suffer from and usually debilitates Good, Kind Empathic people. Members of my family suffer/suffered from mono-polar too.
    And only my eldest Granddaughter had the SPIRIT to fight for a bipolar diagnosis and was prescribed the medication she so desperately needed.
    Lots of Love & Perseverance
    Sibyl X


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