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Glaring defects in all we know.

Micro glitches in my CD, bringing dissonance to those soothing sounds.

Shattered lines and missing pieces in the mirror I hold, distorting every image it reflects.

Spider-web cracks spreading across the window glass, blocking every vision that might exist beyond the pane (pain)…

Simple lines bisecting bones, altering every relationship I hold with gravity on this Earth.

Eliminating any weight-bearing strength I might once have had…


Massive movement on a global scale.

As continental plates rub against one another, creating heat in friction,

threatening to overflow in melted stone and ash.

Shaking up this world in trembling anticipation of what is yet to come.

Ice shelves slipping gracefully into the sea, drowning out the sound of whispering winds,

roaring out a challenge and a warning, so remote it’s voice is barely heard.

Icy winds drive massive storms, burying the cities and the plains in blinding snow,

freezing every person, place or thing in time that moves without changing anything.

A sun that rises, strong and warm, driving out the chill,

Melting all the evidence of all that we’ve done wrong.

Water rising as clouds cry, and snow recedes,

washing away the memory of death breathing down our necks.



In the dams that keep the floods at bay…

In the foundations that keep us standing up…

In the beliefs that kept us calm through so many of life’s storms…

In the hope that life will triumph over catastrophe next time…


In the rose-colored glasses and the ego-driven classes.

In the delusions and the promises and the trajectories of our time…

Not broken… Yet!

But soon enough we’ll see

the fractures running through each and every one of us.

Giving up and giving way

collapsing under our own weight

destruction of all we’ve made

creation of a whole new day…

*** *** ***

And with Day 8, One Truth made manifest,

the blinding Light chasing protective Shadows away,

leaving a Mind to crumble and cast about, seeking something solid to hang onto.

But there was Nothing left…

And so it fractured, and fell into a heap.

And tiny pieces trembled as they lifted themselves from the ruins of all-that-was,

seeking Wholeness,

seeking Peace.

“I am alone,” One thought.

And her Heart broke at that realization.

New fractures replacing old…


27 thoughts on “Fractures…

    • So kind of you to remind me of that, Gary. ❤️But in my own mind, I am always alone, though that Mind may not be my own…

      (P.S. I have not forgotten you, and realize I have much catching up to do, but time… too often gets away from me. Lol!)

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  1. Now Lisa, look at the bright side.

    Fractures gives doctors something to do and provide cash for golf fees.

    Fractures gives contractors employment in the repair and replace sectors of the economy.

    Fractures of “spider-web cracks spreading across the window glass . . .” creates a cheaper rendition of an expensive stained glass window.

    Fractures in the earth is what earthquake insurance is all about.

    Oh sure Tubularsock could continue ad nauseam but Tubularsock will spare all of his own fractured positive thoughts with this conclusion.

    YOU are NEVER alone ……. we are all one.

    LIVE from there.

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  2. Indeed. And as One we are alone, even as we are many. Even One was birthed from Nothing, and so fractured into many pieces and parts…

    So goes my cosmology, anyway. Lol!

    Love the positives you bring to the table, and especially the outright laughs. 😁

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  3. Yes, we live alone, and we even die alone, but in the One we are never alone, just temporarily separated. That is as it is, to learn how aloneness makes us reach out to find otherhood. Fractures are but temporary splits, promising future healing. At least in my opinion.

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  4. As the entropy consistent with our way of life speeds up it is inevitable that cracks will show up where none were, and the old ones will widen and pieces fragment. Are we now experiencing ‘the time of the end’ as has been predicted over and over, and both message and event misread, also over and over? Rationally, logically, can we as a global civilization patch up the cracks and go on to build better, stronger, longer-lasting structures? I say no. Your cracks represent various aspects of the corruption that is destroying this civilization, and corruption is something that has no cure. It can be ignored, glossed over and even contained for a time but like the proverbial rotten apple in a box of healthy ones, the rotten apple always wins. The cracks you write about are contagious and terminal but the “One” who realizes this can choose a different path and doesn’t have to live by patching or trying to avoid societal cracks. Self empowerment, self-responsibility, detachment… and yes, compassion. That’s my “refrain, I know, and sorry for repeating myself, but that is going to be my “message to mankind” until the day I die. Cracks are the necessary warning that things cannot go on as they have been: something’s got to give. I don’t want to be straggling a crack when the widening happens!

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  5. I agree that is the message here. I sat here late last night with the word “fractures” running through my mind, endlessly cycling. So I wrote it down, and here we are, saying the same things, reminding ourselves of what our purpose is (for you) or might be (for me). The cracks are obvious, as are the conclusions, but the future remains a mystery to me…


  6. Just a thought to all who interpreted the “her” in the last stanza as me. It’s possible, even likely, but I would discourage allowing such a conclusion to be absolute. For there are many layers to this piece, and there are other “her’s” at play here you might better recognize were they written “Her.”

    For that last stanza is about creation, and that her could easily be Earth or Nature, Gaia or Mother. As she wakes to discover all life is gone, destroyed by our human efforts, frozen over like our hearts have been to her repeated pleas, her heart might indeed break. But that new fracture may be exactly what is needed, releasing as it does the molten rock within, allowing heat to reach the surface, warm the waters, reseeding Life anew. Only this time Life May well be created in Her image, rather than His…

    Why is it not capitalized then? Maybe as an acknowledgement that we are One, you and She and I. Or maybe because titles have no more place in our future than egos, if we are truly living from our hearts…

    As I said, just a passing thought as I read over some of these comments… 😁


  7. The Fractures you’ve written about Lisa, regarding the end of the World as we know it, I’m told, is to do with

    ‘Science & Mysterious Religious Tine-warped Eras, and the fourth dimensions’ parabolas’.

    The Truth is not Heresy in the eyes of the COSMOS-GOD Diviners: ‘Prove it” the mob cried . . . (At that time, an impossible task while in a mortal body, or as an invisible SPIRIT Being)
    And after the wholesale Massacre very few survived, and they were left with Sniveling, PIOUS Judas, who was waiting for the wrath of GOD to smote him (Hell & Damnation threats plagued his soul. He passed his guilt on).

    SPIRIT Deities are relying on Life-Sciences’ Brothers & Sisters to prove HIS claims.
    And HE wont rest until the NURTURING Sibyl-line Feminine-line is ACKNOWLEDGED and given HER Rightful STATUS.
    It includes excommunicated US Lisa.

    Lots of Love
    A SIBYL EMPATH’s Journey

    Sibyl X


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